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Under Slogan (Safe Returning for IDPs) First Workshop


Under Slogan (Safe Returning for IDPs) First Workshop

Tammuz Organization for Social Development / Legal Clinic in Anbar held the first legal workshop in cooperation with project of democracy, human rights, rule of law for advocate and protect of IDPs' rights in 15th of November 2016 in the complexes of Habbanyia camps (HTC), where 1200 displaced families from Anbar province live in this camp. The workshop attended by 30 displaced persons (21 women and 9 men) with attending lawyers of legal clinic in Anbar Abd Jaza'ah Yassen and Naji Abdullah Hamadi, as well as representatives of Afkar Association for Relief and Development.
Lawyer Abdul Jaza'ah Yassen opened the workshop and pointed out to the legal services of this project, and began a presentation of the return measures for the IDPs' students and the mechanism to start the official hours in their schools and bring permission letter from the school that they want to study in it. Participants asked many questions on the academic levels that IDPs' students lost during displacement and how to deal with it in the future. The lawyer Naji Abdullah said that the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education know these cases and have the mechanisms to calculate the academic levels according to the controls, and there is an exception conditions in some cases depending on the powers of the concerned directorates. Another question on returning students to the schools, especially students who left the school because of controlling Da'esh to Fallujah city for more than two years and half, and it was supposed to be in the higher stages of learning. The lawyer replied that it must submit an application to the Fallujah Education Directorate and explain the case because there is an exception according to controls of the Ministry of Education. Also, one of displaced person said that her daughter was in the six secondary for this year 2013-2014, and in 2014 took control on Karmah district by Da'esh and stopped the schools and cannot able to get out of the district to perform the ministerial exams. After six months were opened the schools with different curricula prepared by Da'esh and my daughter obliged to leave school, and now she wants to return to the school. The lawyer Abdual Jaza'a replied that she must check with Fallujah Educational Directorate to obtain an exception to can returning to the school or perform the exams.

Later, the lawyer Naji Abdullah talked about the mechanism of returning to the liberated areas and registry the return to the families that want to return to their areas:
1-displaced person, who want to return, must check with the branch of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration in Anbar province and register his return, and the ministry will provide him with identification letter to show to the responsibility parties in the place of return, as well as closing his displacement. In this case, the branch of ministry will confirm his return by taking the paper of return of the local bodies in the return region and after completing procedures will be reported to the ministry.
2-Displaced person must review the branch of ministry in the place of return and submit confirmation paper of his return (confirmation of local authorities), and the branch of ministry will report the ministry center and, which will registry the return of displaced person to close his file in that branch.
3-open one file to registry the displacement of each family or person and attach all procedures in the first file (the original one) and no need to open another one.
4-Submit the official documents to the concerned parties to close the file and return documents to the original dwelling or residence place (certificate paper of mayor and local council stamped by the branch of ministry in the return place).
5-Persons, who did not register their displacement, must register it during register their return with submit the displacement and return documents in the same time to the branch of return in order to send report to the ministry center immediately.
6- Take the legal commitment of the return family that they did not register and not received any grant of return from another branch.

Then it was put forward many questions to the lawyer of legal clinic on the procedures, one of displaced person said that he completed his workpaper and delivered to the concerned bodies, but he did not received any return grant. The lawyer Naji Abdullah replied that the Ministry of Displacement did not launched any return grant yet.
At the end of the workshop was distributed 150 brochure to the attendees and displaced people in the camp, and lawyers explained that the legal clinic received all questions and inquiries through private hotline of legal clinic in Anbar province (07715050548 / 07819696238).
Participants thanked Tammuz Organization for Social Development for their efforts to service displaced families and holding such a workshop in the camps, especially with regard to the legal aspect through the provision of legal consultations and representation to clients of Anbar province.
It was mentioning that this workshop is the first one of 7 educational workshops including the democratic project and human rights held by organization. The organization will held the rest workshops (6 workshops) in the other camps in the coming months, and will be within the legal clinic activities in Anbar province to help marginalized groups and displaced persons. In addition, Tammuz Organization for social development continuously helped displaced families in Anbar province since more than four years.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
15th of November, 2016

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