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Under the Slogan of “ The Peaceful Solutions for Disputes and Conflicts Settlement Are the Safe Road for the Nations Building”


Under the Slogan of “ The Peaceful Solutions for Disputes and Conflicts Settlement  Are  the  Safe Road for the Nations Building”

Two seminars were conducted by TOSD in Nasiriyah city about disputes settlement for the staff of  Thiqar Province environment office,  and the staff of Alshuhadaa foundation – Thiqar branch . The first seminar was held on Tuesday 14/2/2017 on the environment directorate hall, whereas the second seminar held on Thursday, 16/2/2017 on Alshuhadaa foundation hall .  Both seminars were attended by  the offices directors and many staff members.
At the beginning, our fellow Abdulrazzaq Ubeid welcomed the participants in both seminars including the heads of the related offices , thanking them for their cooperation to facilitate the conducting of such seminars and for their attending personally to these seminars. He started in both seminars with a brief introductory background about TOSD activities, projects and seminars, and pointed out the goals and expected results of these seminars.
Abdulrazzaq focused  in his intervention on the  identification of conflict and its types and its difference from dispute , then he tackled the forms of conflict and its behaviors among the conflicting parties, and how to settle the conflict and the main points that should be built on during the settlement by depending on the analysis of the conflict and adopting scientific methodology to solve conflicts beginning with  the preparation stage , then implementation stage according to an analytical perspective that identifies weak and strong points and the possible opportunities, as well as possible challenges and threats. 
Moreover, it was emphasized that solving conflicts internally without the interference of external parties is very important, because external interference often has a negative role due to the effects of the interests on the relationship among the conflicting parties especially the economic interests which lead to dominance, influence, direct and indirect intervention. In addition, it was emphasized on the importance of the national reconciliation ant its role in the nation building, pointing out that the best way is the peaceful transfer of power , enhancing democratic principles, holding elections according to the requirements, insuring freedoms, respecting the other’s view, supporting the citizenship values, toping of the national identity over other sub- identities  with full respect to all religious, ethnic , and intellectual affiliations and their particularities. Then, the floor was opened for the participants in both seminars to submit their suggestions, questions , and to motivate the discussion which resulted in a number of recommendations to be put before the interested people as well as political officials  to avoid conflicts and disputes. These recommendations are as follows:
1- the solution management must rely on the respect and trust principles.
2- finding peaceful methods to contain any dispute
3- benefiting from   all  local and international laws and systems to settle conflicts and disputes as well as consolidating the rule of law.
4- the necessity to find unbiased party that contributes to the peaceful solutions in case of social disputes provided that the intermediator should be honest and respected by all disputed parties.
5- taking advantage of the international experiences through the globe to settle disputes and internal problems.
6- keeping the peaceful approach in solving any conflict between parties.
7- joining the conflict parties according to the  compromises accepting rule
8- preparing the suitable environment to settle any dispute according to peaceful bases and avoidance  of violence. 
it is worth mentioning that TOSD continues its efforts to hold workshops and dialogues that aim to promote social development through achieving the national reconciliation and enhancing civil and social peace in Baghdad and other provinces to ensure living in peaceful and secure Iraq.
Both seminars were covered by a number of  media outlets and T.V. satellite channels which conducted interviews  with the lecturers and participants. At the end of both seminars, thanks were extended to the attendees for their active participation and suggestions were taken into consideration. On their part, the participants expressed  their thanks and appreciation for the role played by TOSD and its fruitful voluntarily initiatives in Thiqar province and all over Iraq.  

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21 February 2017
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