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Under the slogan of “United women against corruption”


Under the slogan of “United women against corruption”

Timed to coincide with “The international women’s day”, on Thursday March 16 2017 an expanded seminar was held at the faculty of science
In Dhi-qar university by TOSD and Electoral commission of Dhi-qar ,in cooperation with Dhi-qar university, it was also attended by the faculty members, employees and students. The seminar was on (The reality of women in Iraq and their role against corruption).
At the beginning of the seminar, The Dean of the faculty of science
In Dhi-qar University, Dr. Muhammed Ajjah Welcomed 
TOSD and Electoral commission of Dhi-qar.
Afterwards, the seminar was inaugurated with a minute of silence
And reading the verses of Al-Fatihah as a prayer for the souls of Iraq’s martyrs, and then greetings were given to the security forces on the occasion of their accomplished victories in battlefields against ISIL and terrorism forces.
The seminar was divided into three axes:
First Axis: the reality of women in Iraq and the role taken by them,
Introduced by Mr. Hazim Al-rudayni, he also demonstrated the
The political reality of women in Iraq, what women had done
Through the political process, the challenges they meet in taking that role to uncover the files of corruption, the pressures they are applied to at work, 
 at all levels.
Second Axis: The legal background and time frames, Introduced by our colleague Razzaq Obaid Dhaher on behalf of TOSD where International
Conventions were reviewed as follows:
. -Resolution No. 12 of the Charter of the United Nations of 1946
-Human Rights Regulation 1948.
-European Convention (Rome Convention, 1950).
1966. -International Covenant on Political Rights,
.1966, -International Covenant on Cultural Rights
. 1966 -International Covenant on Complaints
 -CEDAW Convention, 1979.
 -Some articles of the Iraqi Constitution in force.
Third Axis: Statistical data, Introduced by dame Bashayeer Ali from Electoral commission’s media.
After the Worksheets of the three axes had been displayed, the discussions and dialogues were permitted. A group of ideas about women’s role were raised, live witnesses from reality were recorded, and participants also mentioned issues, in society, that women suffer from, whether they were imposed by traditions or by the dominance of men in making decisions,
and women’s non participation in it.
The most important suggestions that were concluded during the seminar:
1- Give women a bigger part on the level of general directory.
2-To benefit from women's capabilities in volunteerism, and anti-corruption.
3- Apply a comprehensive plan and encourage girls in education.
4- Develop curricula that urge to respect women and give them the right to hold positions in departments and ministries.
5- Encourage women to engage in political work, run for elections, enable them legally to contribute to the detection and reduction of corruption.
6- To sensitize female employees to the importance of their participation in combating corruption by abstaining from exercising it and revealing it cases.
7-- The necessity of active participation of all women of various professions, including housewives, in fighting corruption.
At the end of the workshop, Bouquets of roses were distributed among the female faculty members as well as the female students on the occasion of The International women's day, We expressed our thanks and our high appreciation to the faculty Deanship for their cooperation with us in holding activities and events that collaborate in spreading knowledge and awareness in universities and colleges.
The Media Office of
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
16th of March,2017
For more information follow us on the bellow website:

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