Tammuz Organization for Social Development is ready to Monitor the parliamentary Elections at the National level on 12 May 2018A debate on women's issues in the electoral programs of the candidates for parliamentary Elections 2018For a broad and effective participation in the 2018 parliamentary ElectionsFor a broad and effective participation in the 2018 parliamentary ElectionsThe afternoon of “Tea and Talks”Press conference on (The position of civil society organizations on the non-enactment of the law against domestic violence)Towards an effective membership of women in the Iraqi Council of RepresentativesUnder the theme of (The displaced persons in Iraq, returning for construction)Under the theme of (Elections, reluctance to participate and their effects)Tammuz Organization for Social Development participates in a dialogue seminar on the behavior of candidates and election propaganda established by the Electoral Commission Office of the province of Dhi Qar(Meeting with a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission 2018)Women Are Peace and Joy MakersElection of Tammuz Organization for Social Development Within the Coordinating Committee of the Iraqi Women's Network 2018Congratulation on the occasion of International Women's DayUnder the theme “In order to create an electoral societal culture” A specialized training workshop on social media“Together We Build Peace”Under the theme (The displaced in Iraq are coming back for building)The Participation of Tammuz Organization for Social Development in the strategic meeting of the Iraqi Social Forum Under the slogan: “in order to create a community-based electoral culture”Under the slogan:” the electoral behavior is the standard of societies’ progress and sophistication”An advanced level to monitor electionsElections between postponement and conductingTammuz Organization for Social Development carries out field visits for updating information and voter cards distribution centersWomen's rights and participation in decision-making positionsTammuz Organization for Social Development participates at the consultative meeting of Arab network for civic education in Jordan- Amman The participation of Tammuz Organization for Social Development in the training workshop on strengthening protection and services for women who survived sexual violence due to armed conflictTammuz Organization for Social Development Participates in the Electoral commission's seminar held in Muthanna ProvinceTogether To Combat CorruptionTammuz Organization for Social Development participates in the societal dialogue in Baghdad A just and unified law to guarantee the rights of women and societyWomen Rights in Contractual Mechanisms for Protecting Human RightsThe advancement of organizations is in the advancement of their members’ abilitiesWomen are critical partners in peacemakingUnder the slogan of “Women have right, vote and role”Under the slogan of (The role of young people at the current stage)Training of Young Leaders on (Climatic Change and its Social Effects)Under the slogan of (A safe return for the displaced)Under the slogan of “Electoral behavior is the standard of progress and advancement of societies”Under the slogan of “Respect for women and their rights is respect for society and the state”(The participation of the young in political decision-making) Under the slogan of “Iraq is our responsibility” Young Leaders Program concludes “Social Responsibility” workshop“Quality of education in Iraq” A dialogue session of Tammuz organization within global action week campaign for education 2017 Under the slogan of “Education is the right of all”Under the slogan of “For a tolerant society free from violence”“ Democracy Is the Way for the Social Development” The Young Leaders Workshop in Basra Under the slogan of “United women against corruption”“Opening of Young Leaders Program” Workshop for 2017Under the Slogan of “ The Peaceful Solutions for Disputes and Conflicts Settlement Are the Safe Road for the Nations Building”Under the slogan of “For a secure return of the displaced”


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(The participation of the young in political decision-making)


(The participation of the young in political decision-making)

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development, in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, concluded the fourth training workshop of the Young Leaders Program for 2017. The training is about "political participation" with the participation of young leaders from all governorates of Iraq on May 19-20 2017.

The training was conducted by the trained teachers Moaz Momani from Jordan and Dr. Alaa Al-Silawi from Iraq participated in training and introducing the history of political development in Iraq and its systems of governance, citizenship, civil and political rights stipulated in the International Covenant, the duties and rights of citizens, democracy and political participation, rights and duties contained in the Iraqi Constitution; As a mechanism for the application of political and civil rights. , The participation of young people in political decision-making, good governance as a mechanism for the application of political and civil rights. The training days included many topics contributed by young people through the work groups that increased interaction and youth participation, taking forms of exercises, research and expression with play scenes etc. Our colleagues from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation also participated in the workshop, where a session was given to Ms. Anya Feller, Regional Director of the Foundation, and Mr. Yousef Ibrahim, Iraq Program Coordinator, to meet with young people and to listen to their views and suggestions in developing the program and the problems facing the young activists in Iraq.
It was emphasized through the training on the importance of the contribution of youth activists in the leadership of the country, either through participation in political decision-making and influence, or by spreading awareness and education on human rights and promoting the values of citizenship, or through participation and leadership of initiatives and youth campaigns that will address social and political problems.
The workshop concluded at the end of the second day with determination, enthusiasm and greater knowledge among young people to proceed with development and progress to achieve their desired role in the change to a better reality.
The Tammuz Organization for Social Development is implementing this program for the second year in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which is attended by 40 young men and women from all over Iraq. The aim is to invest in building youth capacities and raising awareness in light of changes in the Arab world. As well as strengthening networking and communication among young participants from various governorates in preparation for engaging in politics and civil society. Especially after the success of the program in its first session of 2015-2016, in which, another group, of young activists, from all over Iraq, participated.  They have a more effective civilian presence today, this year's program includes eight workshops on a variety of axes, this one is the fourth of which, when it was preceded by Training on leadership skills and conflict resolution, principles of social democracy and social justice, social responsibility in terms of participation and accountability.
Information Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
May ,21,2017
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