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Under the slogan of “Electoral behavior is the standard of progress and advancement of societies”


Under the slogan of “Electoral behavior is the standard of progress and advancement of societies”

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development held an awareness seminar on electoral behavior on May 25, 2017, in Dhi Qar Environment Directorate in the presence of the Director and staff of the Directorate and representatives of civil society organizations and human rights activists.

The seminar began with a welcome from colleague Abdul Razzaq Obaid and a definition of the goals of the symposium, and an early call for all citizens to participate actively in the elections to maintain the democratic gain achieved by Iraq after the change in 2003.
Was reviewed as well, the electoral processes that took place in Iraq since 2005, and their development in terms of voter participation and the role of civil society organizations in awareness, training and monitoring, In which Tammuz organization had a clear role.
And also the mastering of the candidates in trying to manipulate and violate, This includes various electoral behaviors, for each of the parties of the electoral process the candidate, the entity, the voter, the observer and the active citizen. Each of these behaviors has an impact on the conduct of the elections and on the criteria for applying and measuring democracy,
There are many factors that affect electoral behavior such as social upbringing, prevailing culture in society, affiliations, loyalties, and educational level.
As the Iraqi voter and, according to our knowledge of the election we see, is affected by political situation, events and attitudes, making them variable behavior. And voting is done by some according to ethnic and sectarian affiliation and for another group, although it is the least, but the vote is based on the electoral programs for candidates, on the criteria of efficiency etc, and electoral behavior affects even the participation in the elections or abstain it.
The participants had a lot of inquiries, discussions and opinions that enriched the subject, which can be summarized as the main result of the recommendations to be a sophisticated and advanced electoral behavior in Iraq:
1-It’s important for the voter to be aware that their behavior is based on national loyalty away from religious and ethnic intolerance.
2- Conducting electoral behavior to vote on the basis of electoral programs and efficiency, not for those who pay bribes and money.
3- The importance of participating in the elections and contributing to raise awareness for it.
4- Vote for the right candidate who has ethics, competence and patriotism in addition to an achievable and measurable electoral program.
At the end of the symposium, Tammuz and the Environment Directorate in Nasiriyah were thanked for organizing this symposium; Tammuz thanked the participants for their eagerness to know more about the elections. The call was renewed on the importance of our electoral behavior being effective towards participation and awareness of voting participation.
It is noteworthy that the Tammuz Organization for Social Development is one of the most prominent organizations that monitor the elections and has monitored all the electoral processes in all stages since the elections of January 2005 until now, as they monitor the conduct of the next electoral process and the adoption of its law.
This is in addition to hundreds of awareness and training workshops on elections and lobbying for the legislation of fair electoral laws and regulations, including the "Do not steal my vote" campaign. The organization also has local and international monitoring experiences and experts in which the organization participated in international monitoring teams in Germany, Poland, Jordan, Lebanon and others.
The Media Office of
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
30th May,2016

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