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Under the slogan of (The role of young people at the current stage)


Under the slogan of  (The role of young people at the current stage)

 Tammuz organization for social development held a dialogue session entitled (Young people between Reality and Ambitions), in observance of World Youth Day approved by United Nations General Assembly resolution 120/54 in 1999.

The session was held in Baghdad governorate on 12/08/2017.

The session was called to order by the chief of the public office of Tammuz Organization, our colleague, Evan Al-Faily, he welcomed the attendees and introduced to them an overview about the activities and the programs of the organization of Tammuz which target Young people, Afterwards, they talked about the role of young people at the current stage and the challenges faced by them in the light of conflicts, marginalization and lack of attention to this important component of the Iraqi community compared to the size of possibilities, ideas and energies of the young people.

At the same time, we see a lot of positive initiatives and young people responses that contributed to lift morale and spread love and tolerance among Iraqi people, which the state was incapable to implement and failed to strength the values of citizenship among Iraqi people.

Also, there was a talk about the challenges faced by the young people in general and graduates in particular, the  most important of which are wars, unemployment, community security and lack of state attention and support to this important category, consequently, many of the young people made their decision to migrate and flee wars which claimed the lives of thousands of young people and the battles are still continuing. 

They made the decision to leave their homelands to seek the opportunity of new life which despite the fact it is unknown, however, according to them, far of wars and danger.

Thus, the state will lose these promising potentials that may contribute to support the state

In different fields, especially, in reconstruction and building the cities that were occupied by the terrorist organization of ISIS and bringing life back there.

Also, it was emphasized on the need to promote education and its equality and reconsider curriculum and promoting the capabilities of teaching cadres especially after announcing that education in Iraq is not qualified to the international quality standards according to the last meeting in Davos. 

As to elections and the desire of young people to participate in change, reform and hold corrupt officials accountable, we observe that political parties attempt to garner the young people support to this party or that and the more the elections approach the more the elections promises increase so that they can win the young people votes.

The young attendees said that they can distinguish who is beside them and who is against their aspirations, especially, the parties that had not adopted the view of the young people in the elections law to lower the age of nomination to 25.

Also, not be given the right opportunity of choosing their representatives.

Today, the young people are more aware and cannot be fooled by the parties and their false election promises,

However, they stand against the young people and their aspirations.

The parliament of young people during prior and current period was also discussed and what had the young people achieved in Baghdad and other Iraqi governorates and political effects on youth gatherings in general as well as, the feeling of some young people of not belonging to this country and dissemination of hate speech and discrimination on religious, national, and sectarian grounds.

As sign of hope, the young attendees denounced such speeches that endanger the Iraqi community, and expressed their readiness to participate in campaigns and initiatives that contribute in preserving the peaceful harmony in this united country and spreading love and tolerance and bring smile on the faces of the displaced families especially the children for a better Iraq.

At the conclusion of the session, some important recommendations were given, to improve the young people status, of which were: 

1. Modification of curriculums in order to enhance the spirit of citizenship within society and improving the capacities of teaching cadres in order to fit with national curriculums.

2. Openness to the developed countries and benefit from their expertise and urge the young people to participate in scholarships and study missions.

3. Enhancing national cohesion and strengthening the ties and the feeling of belonging to the united country among the citizens through the implementation of the principle of equality within society and denouncing discrimination on religious, sectarian, and ethnic grounds also hold accountability of those who use these labels for political benefits and for power and money. 

4. Promote peaceful coexistence among the sons of the nation through insensitive efforts for the reconstruction and living in peace and security, and to encourage the establishment of joint events and festivals in the Iraqi governorates.

5. it must be stressed that losing any component, of the Iraqi components, is a loss for the whole Iraqi society, thus, the Iraqi government and parliament shall find solutions for all pending problems and complete the legal legislations in the lack of which resulted many problems and crises that were used by politicians and reflected badly on the citizens and now threaten the continual of Iraqi cohesion. 

6. Developing awareness-raising campaigns within schools, in all Iraqi provinces, on Iraqi components, cultures exchange and respecting them, and calling to celebrate other components’ and religions followers’ festivals, in other words, to share our happiness and sadness in the name of Iraq.

7. Rapid liberation of the rest of Iraqi regions from ISIS and rapid reconstruction of the cities and the returning of the displaced people to their houses.

8. Strengthen the social awareness and encouraging the young people to contribute in building and adopt the spirit of initiative because building starts with the young people.

9. Promote confidence of the young people in themselves and cooperating with the rest of the social components and secluding the young people from political conflicts and separating the Iraqi universities and colleges from the influence of the political parties.

10. Provision of right employment opportunities and ensuring a life of dignity and freedom to the young people and support their aspirations.

It is worth mentioning that Tammuz Organization for Social Development continues implementing projects, courses, and programs that contribute to build the youth and promote their leading capacities to be responsible individuals and leaders on behalf of their communities, and the program of young leaders continues for third  

onsecutive year.


The Media Office of

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

13 th Aug ,2017


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