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Together To Combat Corruption


Together To Combat Corruption

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development held a symposium on combating corruption and the role of activists and civil society organizations in the fight against corruption during the fourth season of the Iraqi Social Forum where the symposium was held on the first day of the forum.

 Activist and anti-corruption issues expert, our colleague Mr. Saeed Yassen Mussa contributed, in presenting the main note speech of the symposium,

Which  was managed by our  colleague Vian AL-Sheikh Ali,  after the opening of the symposium and welcoming  the attendants, she gave an overview on Tammuz Organization for Social development as well as on the Iraqi social forum and their common goals in reaching another Iraq through the achievement of development and social justice and equality, nothing can be achieved in the direction of the best. And there is no doubt that without the fight against corruption and the promotion of transparency and without the promotion of transparency,  nothing would have been achieved in the direction of achieving the best,  , Especially as Iraq begins a new stage after the fall of ISIS which was one of the tools to produce corruption, the stage of salvation from the scourge of corruption and hence comes the role of civil society in the participation of the government and anyone who seeks to eliminate corruption. In his speech, Mr. Yassin dealt with corruption joints, the structure of the administration of the judiciary and the reasons for the corruption, in his speech, Mr. Yassin dealt with the corruption joints, the structure of the administration of the judiciary and the reasons for the corruption. He pointed out that one of the reasons for this is the administration of the government on the basis of quotas, which gave rise to political protection for the corrupt parties. Circumvent the laws and to prevent punishment.

Corruption escalating is caused by the lack of transparency and the absence of accurate statistics and data, especially in the field of tax revenues and fees. This is not the loss of activists, the most important tools in monitoring and follow-up is the legal tool to access information in addition to the lack of protection for whistleblowers.

Noting in his presentation some examples of cases of corruption and experiences of detection of corruption by activists, although not dealt with by the authorities, which raises doubts about a serious will to escape corruption.

There is also a failure and mismanagement by governments after 2003, citing examples of mismanagement in Iraq's budget for 2014, where the allocations of the security sector and defense formed 33% of the financial budget, while ISIS took over nearly 40% of Iraqi territory!!!

Then how was the security and defense sector managed with that proportion of the budget? Mr. Yasin explained the importance of the course of activists and organizations in enhancing transparency and eliminating corruption and their mechanisms in defense, monitoring and accountability, and the importance of these organizations be able to face the challenges and reactions of the affected by the detection of corruption,For example the importance of the presence of legal adviser and political adviser and media adviser to each organization working in this area, stressing the activists and organizations to deal with caution in the detection of cases of corruption and authorization by choosing words and vocabulary that avoid falling under the law if the other party resorted to.

As well as the existence of social media sites as active dissemination tools that activists can invest in publishing, provided that the information is real and accurate.

Then the floor for questions for participants and attendants was opened, The symposium was attended by a number of organizations and a number of activists from academics and the young people whose interventions focused on the mechanisms of civil society in the detection of corruption, the identification of causes of corruption through the presentation of realistic experiences, proposing solutions and anti-corruption activities.

In addition, there were cases of how the parliament dealt with many cases of corruption such as forgery of certificates, amnesty law, elections, housing in slums, state property and many others. It was emphasized that the causes of corruption originate from the time of the previous regime and the years of economic embargo that generated corruption, 2003 when he had a supporter environment.

After an extensive discussion, the symposium concluded with the agreement that the efforts and contributions to combat corruption would be combined with the thanks and appreciation extended by Tammuz to Mr. Saeed Yassin and the participants for their interaction and enriching the discussion. Outputs have been cleared by:

Learn more about the reality of the state administration of corruption file.

- Criticism of governance based on quotas, which resulted in giving responsibilities to incompetent people and provided political protection for the corrupt.

- Poor application of laws and penalties.

-The need for transparency in the provision of accurate data and statistics on revenues, taxes and budgets.

-The importance of legislate the law of the right of access to information.

- Demand the management of institutions in good governance and the adoption of the principle of transparency, professionalism and efficiency.

-The importance of a law to protect whistleblowers and defenders of human rights.





Rising of awareness among citizens on not –practicing of corruption in daily transactions and the detection of cases of corruption.

-Civil endeavor to adopt a popular speech to combat corruption.

-Investing social media sites in raising awareness and exposing corruption.

- Specification of letters and information and deal with them carefully, accurately and professionally when detecting the state of corruption.


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Tammuz Organization for Social development

3 December 2017

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