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(Periodic Meeting of the Support Committee of strengthening Democracy in Iraq Project)


(Periodic Meeting of the Support Committee of strengthening Democracy in Iraq Project)


On Saturday 22/12/2018, at the headquarters of Iraq Public Aid Organization, The Support Committee for the Project of the strengthening of Democracy in Iraq held its first meeting for the purpose of reviewing the charter of cooperation and partnership to agree on the final draft and signing it by the participants in the Beirut workshop. In addition to setting priorities agreed in Beirut workshop and selecting four topics to work on during the project period. The meeting started with Ms. Hanaa Hammoud, Director of the Baghdad Office of the Public Aid Organization, welcoming the attendance of the members of the support committee, stressing that this meeting is dedicated to selecting four priorities with the introduction and identification of problems and solutions to selected priorities. These priorities must be realistic and involve the suffering of the people to involve them in being part of the solution, thus achieving the project's goal of promoting democracy.

During extensive discussions by colleagues in the support committee, the following priorities were selected:

 The first priority is: (Education)

Problem: School Dropout

Solutions: Activate the law of compulsory education through the activation of the procedures in the outskirts of Baghdad in particular as a prerogative of Baghdad provincial council.

 The second priority is : (Waste)

Problem: Waste accumulation


1- Activating the bringing complaints mechanism by setting hot lines.

2- Activating the system of the passage of garbage trucks.

3 - Distribution of waste bags to people periodically.

 The third priority is: (Health)

Problem: Lack of emergency services and the lack of good staff qualified for treatment at night / Al-Elwia hospital for children specifically.

1- Conduct a questionnaire for the people, including their opinions about the services provided by the medical staff in hospitals, especially in the emergency departments.

2 - Heading to Baghdad Health Department to inquire about the reason for the delay in work in the emergency at night, and move to the Ministry of Health to prepare a good night staff.

3 – Organizing advocacy or donation campaigns to fill the shortage in the pharmacies at hospitals.

 The fourth priority: (Water)

Problem: The contamination of drinking water, which is unusable.

Solutions: Demanding the delivery of usable water to people by addressing the concerned parties and urging them to develop real solutions to solve the crisis.

After the completion of setting priorities, the Charter of Cooperation was signed, which in turn will be one of the documents of the project that will be presented to the members of the provincial council at their nearest meeting by a member of the provincial council Ms. Mahdya al-Hassan, head of the committee of civil society organizations in Baghdad Provincial Council.



  Media office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

22th December 2018


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