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16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

On the occasion of the 16 days campaign of activism against violence against women, and under the slogan of (Women are joy and peace makers), an event entitled (Bring an end to gender -based violence at work) was held by the free legal clinic of Tammuz organization for social development. The clinic is one of the legal clinic network (LCN) and the event was held on Thursday 29/11/2018 in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the camps of the IDPs in Ameriyah Fallujah- at the central camp.

More than 120 displaced women, along with their children, in addition to a number of men participated in the campaign, with the presence of some representatives from the DRC & UMIS organizations and a number of camps managers. The campaign included diverse segments that were initiated by our colleague the legal clinic coordinator who greeted the attendants and introduced Tammuz organization and the legal clinic, which is overseen by the organization in Al-Anbar and is one of legal clinics that are spread all over Iraq and sponsored in participation of UNHCR.     

Later, our lawyer colleague initiated the seminar and gave a brief introduction about the 16 days campaign of activism against violence against women, his introduction included several topics, among others, the following:

– Gender -based violence conception.

– Possible reasons for women being impassive in the face of the violence directed against them.

– Traditional practices prevailing in society on women.

– The role of psychological care providers.

– The causes of violence against women and the influence of (Cultural, economic, legal and psychological) factors.

– The role of the media.

– Mentioning some Iraqi law articles stipulated to protect women from violence.

After that, an open dialogue started and dedicated to ideas and suggestions that may put an end to violence against women phenomenon.

The campaign included drawing several paintings by a female activist painter: the first portrayed the suffering of violence against women, the second portrayed the help of the society and the last one portrayed hope and the possibility to eliminate violence.

The campaign also included some poems recited by a young poet. the women present in the campaign hoisted slogans and leaflets against violence against women and there was a wall for wishes where some women and men show their solidarity with campaign by stamping their palms in orange on the wall as well as writing some wishes. Then, some legal consultations were given by the lawyers to the attendants and finally 144 presents were given to women. the presents included some winter clothes. Also, some induction brochures on the legal clinic were distributed, the ceremony was concluded with extending thanks to the women for their coming, to the camp administration and to the organizations representatives for their cooperation to facilitate holding the campaign.    

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

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