Economic and Social Rights

On May 14, 2017, the Tammuz protection team visited   Iraq camp in Amiriyatt al-Fallujah where there was a shortage of foodstuffs and a shortage of water tanks. The camp needs to maintain the bathrooms in full.

The camp of Falluja in Amiriyatt Fallujah was visited on 16/5/2018 to observe the conditions of the displaced. A 28-years-old girl was interviewed, who was a displaced from Al- Karma region, she has had a benign tumor (cancer), the cost to her treatment was (400,000 Iraqi dinars) a month, she hasn’t had any financial resource. With no children, her husband had left her and got married to another woman (second wife). Holding her medical reports, one of her relatives,  was accompanied by the protection team of legal clinic in Al-anbar, who is subordinate to Tammuz organization for social development, and went to MSF where we met Mr. Sabah, who is in charge there, he said that MSF concerned with psychological conditions, fractures and malformations, and they have not had specialty for this condition or with what is related to cancer diseases.

On May 15, 2017, the Tammuz protection team visited Al-Isho camp in Amiriyatt al-Fallujah, where the tents are damaged, they demand to have it replaced with new ones, they grumbled from the abundance of trash, that there was no electricity, and the damaged sanitary ware that they also demand to have it replaced with new ones. With the existence of 10 handicapped persons within the camp, they demand to be provided with chronic disease medications, As they complained from the lack of mattresses, they asked for the provision of air coolers and ice because of the high temperatures during the summer, they also asked for cleaning materials and foodstuffs for the available are scarce and distributed in short supply for two months.

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