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The third workshop of the Young Leaders Program “Promoting Peaceful Coexistence”

Tammuz Organization for Social Development closed its second training of “Youths Leaders Program”, which was on “Promotion of “Mutual Peaceful Coexistence” in Baghdad in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation.
The workshop opened with welcoming words by Head of Tammuz Organization for Social Development, and then Mrs. Anja Wehler, Resident Director of Friedrich Ebert Foundation, stressed to continuity of program support and complete its training during the next year.
The workshop dealt with intensive topics on the concept of mutual peaceful coexistence with reference to the laws and international and local conventions that concerned with to accept others and respect their rights. The training also was on the concept of peace as a goal and freedom of religious and belief whence its respect, acceptance and protection, and the workshop also concluded the training on conflict and its resolution and analysis of its causes and skills its resolution, and these topics allowed to youth to reaction and show the realistic experience, where 35 youths participated in the workshop of all provinces represent most of the Iraq components.
it was worth mentioning that the young leaders program is a project implemented by Tammuz Organization for Social Development in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation aims to prepare a group of young leaders will be able to empower other young people, and they also will work in the organizations’ activities and projects that deal with youths and democracy and social issues.
Therefore, the idea of training is to invest in building the capacity of young people and to raise awareness in light of the changes in the Arab world, as well as the promotion of networking and communication between the young participants from different provinces willing to engage in politics and civil society. This workshop is a training on the second theme of the five themes of the program.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
4th Oct.2015

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