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Training workshop on programming languages

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in collaboration with Fikra Space on Wednesday and Saturday 05/08/2015 & 08/08/2015 two scientific workshops to define a numbers of youth about one of the most important Programming Language, Android. More than 20 youth have attended.
The training continues two day and the trainer Sabri Munaf presented a training on how to use of Android Programming Language; the first day of training included the definition of the most applications of this language through a presentation and explanation about Android and its importance in the present day. Youth has been applied the training course to practical use directly on their computers with questions and inquiries about this program.
In the second workshop, the trainer completed the training of youth training to use these programming language and explained more uses, characteristics statement and how to employ them in solving complex technology problems, and he also said that it was produced hand calculator on Android devices.  The young trainees were interacting and willing to learn more, especially after they know such a large space of modern programming language.
The training workshops on Android Programming Language is a last series of the training workshops about programming language that started with Java and ended with Android, the trainees become ready to produce programs on the Android Device.
The purpose of these workshops are to rehabilitation the youth in this field and enable them to get better jobs and to help in discover the world of technology and its importance in daily life and practical because the programming is one of the most important things that moves the imagination and help in finding solutions during the shortest time and efficiently, as well as enable employees or experienced in obtaining adequate employment opportunities to ensure them a decent life.
It is planned to make a successive series of workshops about the technology in the field programming and how to apply in the daily life.

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Tammuz Organization for Social Development
9th of Aug.2015

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