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A dialogue session on the electoral cycle and election stages in Dhi Qar

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held a dialogue seminar in cooperation with Electoral Commission of Dhi Qar on electoral session and stages of elections on Monday 15th August 2016 in Hall of Shuhada’a Foundation. The seminar targeted the employees’ of Shuhada’a foundation in Nassryia city with attending a number of media.
Director of Shuhada’a Foundation Mr.Abdul Hussein Qasim welcomed attendees, cadre of Tammuz Organization in Dhi Qar and General Director of Elections Commission in Dhi Qar, and refereed to the electoral worthiness and the rights of qualification citizens to nominate and elect. The representative of Tammuz Organization in Dhi Qar Abdul Razaq Obed talked about the stages of electoral session and elections in Iraq where presented a detailed explanation reliance on expertise of the organization in the field of local and international election monitoring.
It was touched to the role of civil society organizations in the electoral process in general and monitoring elections in particular because the organizations have an essential role in the integrity of elections and enhance the trust of citizens in the elections and democracy process, noting that the supervisory role of organizations did not limited on elections but also on legal legislation for elections arriving to implement of law, instructions and find the legality gaps, in addition to show more breaches, which were happened in the electoral processes in 2003 in Iraq such as exploitation of public fund, authority, media breaches, electoral promises and speeches among participants and political entities. 
Then it was specified a time to discuss and listen to the interventions and inquiries of participants, where they are asking about procedures of elections’ days and how to distribute the seats and calculate voices.
General Director of Independent High Electoral Commission in Dhi Qar Mr.Hazim al-Rudaini talked about the role of commission in arranging of the electoral process in Iraq such as the elections of Members of the provincial councils or the elections of members of Iraqi Parliament, and also affirmed on the legal legislations that organize this process.
Finally, Director of al-Shuhada’a Foundation in Dhi Qar thanked Tammuz Organization for Social Development and its staff in strengthening the voluntary and electoral work to raise the social awareness in Iraq, and also thanked the office of Independent High Electoral Commission in Dhi Qar to hold this dialogue seminar and electoral awareness of the department staffs.

It is noteworthy that Tammuz Organization for Social Development is preparing to monitor the electoral process of 2017, and it is completing to its role in monitoring the electoral processes in Iraq since 30/01/2005 till the last elections in 30th April 2014. Tammuz Organization for Social Development issued many documentary studies and reports that will develop the electoral process.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
17 August 2016

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