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A dialogue session to discuss the draft law on political parties in Iraq

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held dialogue workshop in Dhi Qar on Tuesday 28th of July 2015 to discuss the draft law of the political parties in Iraq, with attending members of the local government in Dhi Qar, General Manager of Electoral Commission in Dhi Qar, director of the political entities, technical director, director of commission media, office manager of human rights and representatives and activists of civil society organizations, in addition to reporters, media channels, websites and radio stations.
The workshop was opened at nine o’clock in the morning, at the beginning of workshop the colleague Razaq Obeid, representative of Tammuz Organization, welcomed the attendees and presented a brief statement about the last activities of organization, then Mr.Malik al-Ghozi presented the prominent notes, mentioned points in the draft law, the  differences and objections of the law at the present time, which has caused somewhat to delay the ratification of this law.
It was opened the discussions and dialogues among the participants and exchanged views after listening to the views on the materials and articles of the put forth law in the parliament, and during the discussion it turn out that there are natural differences in views from all attendees, whether on the government level or party or democracy civilian; from our point view, we consider that it is good condition because it is possible to take advantage in promotion of democracy and respect of opinion and the other opinion and discussion to reach the national interest.
The workshop outputs with recommendation including:
1.Add the phrase (Attaining of Legal Personality) Article II paragraph 1
2.Emphasis on discrimination in Article VIII paragraph 2
3.Change Article II Paragraph 3 because there may not be Department arranges Parties Affairs at the Ministry of Justice, but it must be linked this department with the House of Representatives or an Independent Commission for a sufficient period of time for the democratic transformations.
4.In Article 11, the first paragraph, the refer to the party  founding with names 2,000 people this little number should exceed 15000 or more because this number reduces the numbers of political parties.
5.It must add the phrase (Refraining from the use of state resources and government departments) to Article 27 fifthly
6.Article 9 of fifthly phrase, add other independent commissions such as office of human rights and communications and media commission
7.In Article 7, it was not specific if the names of parties and its logo are similar with other parties or even organizations. How to deal with this paragraph
8.There is a contradiction between the age of the party establisher and who nominate for the elections, where it gave the first 25 years while another gave the last 30 years.
At the conclusion of workshop, colleague Razaq Obeid thanked the government bodies in Dhi Qar province, activists, civil society organizations and media to accept the invitation. Al so, it should be noted that our organization hold a conference in Baghdad about Legislation of Parties Law with Information Center for Research and Development for the importance of the topic and work on forming a social, political and public pressure in order to establish law, contribute to the promotion of democracy, ensure of correct political life, peaceful discussion of authority, regulation of the financial exchange for parties, organize their participation in the elections, promote integrity, combat corruption, participation in administration of the country and ensure stability.

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