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A dialogue symposium on individual civil rights in Dhi Qar

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in Dhi Qar Province on Tuesday 17th  May 2016 on Mandaeism Hall in Nasryia  a dialogue seminar on the civil rights for individual and preserve it considering the essential source to fix the rules of democracy in any state, with attending a number of professors, civil activists, representatives of minorities and a number of media.
At the beginning of seminar the colleague Razaq Obed welcomed attendees and showed the targets of the workshop and the most important results expected from this activity, then it was presented a summary of the organization activities in the democracy support and also explained the meaning of the civil rights and the different between the civil rights and human rights and how to benefit of the human rights principles to fix the civil rights, as it has showed the most experience in this field starting from the law of the civil rights and international conventions such as the European conventions, international agreements and human rights, in addition to Iraqi constitution from the article 14 till 22 and from the article 23 to 36.
Then it has conducted many discussions and dialogues in this field; the most important recommendations that have adopted:
1-    Stress on the concepts of the civil rights in Iraq through seminars and workshops.
2-    Take advantage of the peace demonstrations and protests for putting forward these rights and demands.
3-    Claim the concerned parties in the local and federal governments to respect these rights and do not violate it.
4-    Take advantage of the activists in this field to put and implement the programs to define these rights continuously.
5-    Emphasize through media that the article 46 from Iraq constitution has forbidden any violate of the civil rights.
6-    Benefit of the peoples’ experiences in this field
7-    Use all available means to monitor violates that human being exposed to it in the civil rights and reduce it.
At the end of the seminar it was thanked all participants and they also thanked Tammuz Organization to hold this activity that aims to progress of community and promote of the democracy culture.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
19th May 2016

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