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A dialogue symposium on reconciliation and tolerance and their role in promoting societal peace

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held a dialogue seminar on the conciliation and tolerance and its role in strengthening of the societal peace on Saturday 21st May 2016 at the headquarter of organization with attending a number of activists and media.
The official of the public relations colleague Evan al-Faily opened the session and welcomed the attendees, and presented an overview of the situation in the country, especially the recent events that took place on Friday where it has beaten demonstrators with real and rubber bullets, using water hoses and tear gas against peaceful demonstrators, expressing his condemnation for these events and emphasized on the peaceful movement. He clarified the aim of the organization in activating the role of the civil social organizations to promote the societal conciliation and reject the conflicts and hatred resulting from political differences on power gains.
Then the civil activist Majed Shaker provided  his intervention and showed documentary film on the international experiences to solve of conflicts and strength of the conciliation and tolerance such as Peru and Nigeria, and then it was discussed about the possibility of benefiting from international experiences in resolving internal crises that Iraq is going through and how to promote the concepts of conciliation and tolerance and the rejection of hatred to live in peace and security in Iraq, which we hope to prevail democracy, social justice and respect the human rights.   
The participants affirmed on their demands such as respect the people willing and fighting of the administrative and financial corruption and legislation of laws, which will effectively contribute in strengthening of civil peace, in addition to adjust of the current election law, interest of the security situation, fighting of Da’sh, liberating of seize regions, ensure the IDPs return to their original dwelling, ensure a free and dignified life for all Iraqi people and attention to youth and women and the new generation because they are builders of a better future.
Lastly it was thanked the attendees for their active participation and confirmed on the role of the civil society organizations in promoting the conciliation, peaceful coexistence, reject hatred and racism and work to live in order to live in peace and security.
It is mentioning that this seminar is one of the series of seminars and workshops that held by organization voluntary, starting from belief in the role of organization in developing, awareness and promoting of the social stability.
Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
22nd May 2016

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