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A dialogue symposium on the role of women in the political process after 2003

Tammuz organization for social development in Dhi-Qar and Al-khamail organization for combating violence against women, held a dialogue seminar on the role of women in political process since the fall of the old dictatorial regime in 2003, the subject was also on ending violations against women’s rights, as well as evaluating the current reality of participation of women in different fields included the political one. The seminar was held in presence of a number of female and male civil activists, university professors and specialists.
The seminar was called to order by our colleague Razzaq Obaid, who welcomed the participants and presented the most important objectives of the seminar and the expected results of it. Then, he shed light upon women’s reality and their participation in the political work thorough their presence in provincial councils and parliament, the role of women in the Iraqi society compared to women in developed countries in terms of representations and rights. Afterwards, our colleague showed numbers and statics on the representation of women in periodic elections since the change of regime at governorates and parliament level, the most important issues that face women in governmental departments and ministries were addressed as well.
Subsequently, the participants discussed and clarified that subjugation to men is what suffered by women whether they were working women or not, because men are often  the center of power and decision at the domestic, societal, partisan or governmental spheres which affects on women’s weak role in political process that reflects clearly on the role of provincial councils and representatives council female  members. After a women’s quota was imposed to ensure women participation in decision-making, political blocs force their female members to vote for rules and decisions that are consistent with the political and partisan interests of those blocs, and benefit from women as a voting power in elections.
A number of recommendations were concluded, during the seminar that may activate women’s role:
1-Dissemination of community awareness in order to achieve more expanded participation for women in decision-making and to assume higher positions that should not be monopolized by men.
2- Right educational and domestic rising to take care of women from their childhood and treating them as humans who are equal for men in family, rights and duties.
3- Activate women role and support them to assume leading tasks as presidency of parliamentary committees, provincial committees and ministries.
4- Dissemination of Community awareness on social gender issues through civil society organizations.
5- Benefit from the importance of media participation through which concepts on women rights could be disseminated.
  6- Benefit from civilized nations’ experiences in terms of giving women opportunities to participate in decision-making centers.
 7- A comprehensive assessment on women’s quota, the extent of its success and how to develop it.
8- Developing new mechanisms that ensure the assumption of responsibilities to women and create a genuine balance in governmental associations at all levels which should be consistent with both sexes’ qualities.

At the end, thanks were expressed to the female and male participants who showed their comfort and appreciation to the organization that held this seminar for the opportunity of views exchanging which they offer as well as a diagnosis of reality and suggesting solutions.
It is worth mentioning that Tammuz organization for social development had held dozens of seminars and campaigns that aimed at supporting women to obtain their political and social rights included a campaign to approve women’s quota and another one against the project of Al-jaa’ffari civil status rule, in addition to several projects that empower women legally and politically  such as training courses for election candidate women and training law students on CEDAW convention and other several subjects.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
26th of October, 2016

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