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A series of workshops on return procedures for displaced persons continues

On a Sunday , the  second of April 2017 , Tammuz social organization did their third workshop  in Faloga in ‘AlKheer’  hall , about 30 personal attended ( 30 female participants ) from Faloga as well as Representatives of some civil organizations and the crew of “ AlSharqia” news station.

Where our Colleague ‘ Ali kazal’ began to welcome our guests and introduce them to the activity of Tammuz organization  the legal clinic  network and the free legal clinics , as what it offers of free Services to the families , than the lawyer ‘ ainass khaleed hameed ‘ who is one of the lawyers in the legal clinic , talked about the  returning  procedure , stating :

 – For whom is interested in going back to their original area must seek attention to the local council so they can provide him with  a document  of return .

 -Documentation of the head of the family .

 -Documents from security agencies stating that they can go back to their area .

 -Visit the emigration department in the province  to fill  the forms .

After stating these points , the discussion began with questions being asked  from ‘ fozia abd allah ‘ who has been registered in ‘ Alta’meem ‘ province “ karkuk “ when she was there and she didn’t know the procedure   , so our colleague ‘ ainass khaled ‘ answered her saying that she need to go back to ‘ Alta’meem’ province “ Karkuk” and get the documents and provide it the emigration department .

Also ‘ nouria abbas jasim’ asked that when she was in Baghdad her documents were registered under her husband’s name but her husband died during decampment , how can she register the key card  under her name . So our colleague ‘ ainass khaleed ‘ answered saying that she needs to get a death certificate and her ID information must be changed from married  to widow as well as the residence card and the supply card , than go to the emigration department of which she was decamping in .

Than ‘ Ainass khaled ‘ talked about the procedure of providing birth plea as it is the simplest prove of a child’s birth when the parents could not get it at time because the birth happened outside of hospitals , the documents required :

 – An application presented by the personal to the personal status court.

 -Marriage contract

 -Identification status for the married couple

 -Residency card


 -The child must be present so that can put a stamp and then present him to the court to decide the age.

 -After that the birth plea is given

Then “ Adeel Ibrahim “ who is also a lawyer of the legal clinic , talked about the danger of bombs and stated that families who wish to go back to their homes must be careful from strange objects near their homes and to not go near any of These  object and to call for security to take proper steps , as well as that any dietary substance that they find  are probably old and not for human usage .

At the end of the workshop , the audience thanked the organizing crew for this valuable workshop .  

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