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A symposium on the elections and their stages in Dhi Qar

Tammuz Organization for Social Development in Dhi Qar held in cooperation with Independence High Electoral Commission a seminar on the elections stages on Monday 29th Feb.2016 at Central Library in the province, with attending members of Dhi Qar Provincial Council, representatives of governmental offices and Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights Commission, professors of Dhi Qar University, civil activists, local channels, newspaper delegate, Dhi Qar Radio and editors.
Colleague Razaq Dhaher opened the workshop and welcome attendees from formal and informal bodies and then presented a summary about aims seminar, signatures and excepted results due to the significance of matter and its effects on Iraqi Statute generally and Dhi Qar particularly, and also showed the role of Tammuz Organization in election monitoring and Legal legislation.
Then Director of Technical Division of the Independent Electoral Commission Office of Dhi Qar Mr.Qasim Mohammed Shuwail presented the legal background for elections, then colleague Razaq Dhaher explained the stages of the electoral course before the election, in election and after election and focusing on the importance of election monitoring in all stages, also explained the three processes of elections are (Opening) (Suggestion) (Counting and sorting).
Mr.Qasim also clarified the measures of by the UN High Commissioner before election day, starting from the formation of the Office to silence the media for the candidates, as well as mechanism of the distribution of seats in the post-Election Day. Then the discussion and questions started from the attendees and were answered by both colleagues Razaq Obeid and Qasim Mohammad.
It was worth mentioning that Tammuz Organization for Social Development has many participations and contributions in the electoral field through its monitoring of the first election in Iraq 2005 through its observers in all Iraqi Provinces, in addition to our organization has many foreign contributions to observe the elections for a number of Arab and foreign countries because of its professional experience in election monitoring.

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