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A training workshop on political participation and good governance in the city of Basra

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation a training workshop on the political participation and rational governance in Basra city at 8-9/ April/2016. Coordinator of Young Leader Project Evan al-Faily opened the  workshop and welcomed with participants from all Iraqi provinces, and provided a brief of workshop, its aim and mechanism of training.
The participants divided into two groups and the first theme has discussed the political participation, the meaning of political, what is the state and components, how to organize work in the communities within the state and ways to deliver the demands’ citizens to the decision-makers as well as the means to achieve of societal demands, and also emphasize the importance of participating in the construction of the state and its impact on the achievement of individual and societal progress. Then it has provided an explanation on elections  as “Law & Measures” that considers the one of means to peaceful change in democracy communities and participate in the state management, and has discussed the difference among religious totalitarian state, military and civil, and also emphasizing on the role of youth in the political participation.
In the second theme of workshop, it has trained on the rational governance through providing a summary on concepts of democracy, human rights, government and its role. Then the trainer explained the concept of the rational governance and its impact in community and essentials that based on to achieve it, and also discussed the features of rational governance and its parties and relation of rational governance with development and how to active the governance and popularity control, so here is the role of civil society and activists in achieving it and the importance of youth participation to active this role. During the training the young leaders participated in discussion through make a small groups of work to discuss some questions that contributed to exchange information and expand of youth capacity in understand of subjects. The workshop closed after two days and participants expressed about their thanks to Tammuz Organization and Friedrich Ebert Foundation to continuation of the meaningful program.

Then the young leader visited Sait Ephrem Church in Basra city to enhance the relations of national unity and pride in diversity, which is characterized by Iraq, Priest Aram Sabah Bano received the young leaders and expressed his thanks and happiness with existence a group of young people seeking to contribute in building a new Iraq, which respects human rights, citizenship values and social justice. At the end of visiting, it has been lighting the candles and pray for Iraq to safety and return IDPs to their homes and spread love and peace among all components of the Iraqi people.
It was mentioned that the young leaders program is a project carrying out by Tammuz Organization for Social Development in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation during year 2015-2016 and concludes nearly 40 youth (Men and Women) in whole of Iraqi provinces aim to make a young leaders, who will contribute in headship community and building of Iraq during the training on a series of trains and providing of knowledge, which will help them to achieve it. This workshop is the fourth one of program.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
12th April 2016

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