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A workshop on return procedures for displaced persons

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held the fifth workshop on 25\4\ 2017. The workshop was attended by 48 displaced persons, 16 men, 32 women, representatives of civil society organizations and Ms. Rehab Shehab Ahmed, MSF staff member. And then gave a presentation about the legal clinic and the services provided to the displaced and then spoke colleague Adel Ibrahim, legal clinic attorney, his lecture was on the return procedures and required documents as follows:

 1-For the displaced person, who wants to return, brings a letter of confirmation from the local council entitled to the Directorate of Migration and Displaced in the province.

2- Copies of family documents.

3- Security card for the head of the family.

4- Checking the branch of migration and displaced in the province after the completion of all the required documents.

Adel Ibrahim pointed out the importance of checking the Immigration Department to hand over the file of the displaced returnee in order  to be included in the returnees’ gift allocated from the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, and then the discussion and interventions were allowed, A question,  asked by the displaced Ali Hamid Khalaf that he had registered in the branch of migration and displaced in Ramadi and his name  has not yet appeared, answered by  Colleague Adel Ibrahim, that there are still names did not appear so far because of the intersection of information in the Immigration department and that if it was delayed, then he has to check the Department of Immigration to ensure the update of information.

 And then the displaced woman Hashmiya Khalil Ibrahim asked that she had checked the immigration office to hand over the returnees’ process files. But they were declined by The Immigration Department because her husband was not present for he was a detainee. Adel Ibrahim answered that the ministry requires the presence of the concerned person, in person, so that the department can complete the process of returnees, if that was not possible due to detention,

The relatives of the detainee have to bring a letter from the court indicating his position on the arrest or the issuance of adjudication against him.

Afterwards, the colleague Adel Ibrahim started to give a brief description of the campaign on the occasion of the Action week of the Global Campaign for Education. The colleague Adel pointed out on the need to pay attention to education, especially, the displaced students who were unable to study because of the displacement. He also pointed out that authorities must open schools for them, that the rights of displaced in education are the duty of the state to provide them. He stressed on the families to urge their children to continue studying in order to contribute in achieving the goals set in sustainable development. In case of returning to their homelands, he stressed on them as well, to check the directorates of education in the liberated areas to merge their children into students, and then our colleague Ali Ghazal started to give a brief description of the dangers of mines ,and, in case the families returned to their homelands ,to enquire the security forces and civil defense if the area  is free of ​​the remnants of war or not before entering them, report any strange or suspicious objects and not to approach them. At the end of the workshop, the attendants thanked the organization for their interest in the displaced, setting up this workshop and for the information they benefited from. Among the attendants, 50 copies of brochures were distributed as well as soft drinks, mineral water and pastries. Legal cases were received by attendants in addition to Counseling.

Tammuz organization for social development

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