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A workshop on spreading a culture of integrity and strengthening partnerships with civil society organizations to reduce the phenomenon of corruption

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in cooperation with Integrity Commission and Legal Clinic Network a workshop on spread of integrity culture and promote partnership with civil social organizations to reduce the phenomenon of corruption; the workshop will hold on 13/07/2015.

The colleague Evan al-Faily, the responsible of relations in Tammuz Organization, welcomed of ladies, gentlemen and Mr.Haitham Ayed, general manager assistant of the Department of relations with non-governmental organizations in the Integrity commission.
Evan al-Faily has stressed the importance of partnership between civil society and government institutions, particularly the Integrity Commission to build a fair environment and this is clear in the pursuit and directions of the organization to work in this field to open the prospects of cooperation between civil society organizations and concerned official authorities to publish a culture of integrity and reduce the phenomenon of corruption, bribery and favoritism in all state institutions, and working to raise the awareness of citizens, especially young people because of the seriousness of this scourge and how to contribute to reducing them.
Then Mr. Haitham Ayed stressed the importance of participating in the work of organizations and their role to educate of integrity through its field work among citizens and the effectiveness of the partnership between local and international organizations and official institutions as integrity commission to create a bridges of communication to support local organizations, in addition to the international conventions that shape to cooperate with civil society as a key partner, but there are institutions do not cooperate with organizations and not believe in the principle of partnership with them. He also spoke about the existence of effective organizations to reduce of corruption in Iraq, and organizations have free legal clinics and this is a powerful and great efforts by these organizations including legal clinics that share in this activity in present day. Some organizations are also working on sustainability programs, which are:
1.    Community awareness to fight corruption
2.    Carry out of media activities for zero tolerance of corruption cases and disclosed.
3.    Define people of government bodies and the role of the Integrity Commission in the fight corruption.
Most of attendees participated in intervention, and the first intervention was from Lawyer Qusay who inquired about the inability of civil society organizations to access to the institutions, the lack of transparency and accountability in legal matters and the lack of constitutional control, as well as how to identify forms of corruption such as bribery, waste public money,  mediator for employment and others.
Another intervention of colleague Abdel Kader, who stressed the need to work of training programs on how to monitor cases of corruption to protect citizens, and another one talked about intangible corruption in some of the ministries where the waste of public money without the knowledge of one, in addition to the last of the intervention Ali Karim, who reported cases of corruption in some private colleges, hospitals and other departments. After listening to the all conventions, the colleagues in the integrity commission affirmed that they will take in consideration all notes and cases. It was also distributed participation certificate for all attendees by Mr.Haitham Ayed general manager assistant of the Department of relations with non-governmental organizations in the Integrity commission, and colleague Evan al-Faily thanked the attendees and hope Happy Eid for them in our beloved country.
It mentioned that Tammuz Organization for Social Development carried out many of activities, seminars and interviews in cooperation with Integrity Commission since 2008 in order to raise community awareness and stand against corruption and the corrupters.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
15th of July .2015

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