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Achievement Report of the Second Workshop within Project “Youth for Peace”

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held with the support of Friedrich Ebert foundation the second workshop with the project “youth for peace” throughout two days and with participation 25 young representing the various components and segments of Iraqi society.
It was welcomed participants and introduce them the project, its aim and sponsor of it, and then the acts of workshop started according to program for two days and as shown below:

It was trained the participants on conflict analysis ways, negotiation and methods of young-making for peace, and they also introduced them to the role of youth in civil society and the process of democratization, as well as touching on Iraqi youth problems.
The workshop included interactive activities to each group in order to determine the problems experienced by young people and put suitable solutions, and they also work collectively a number of exercises and activities that have given to them by the trainers, and the participants have made several proposals in this aspect and the most important of these proposals are increasing cooperation between young people, an end to the manifestations of militarism in society and spread a culture of tolerance among young people, in addition to providing employment opportunities for young people, review the education system in Iraq, reduce the age of the nomination of legislative councils, allow chance to young people to hand over leadership positions in the state institutions and the private sector, political parties and civil society organizations.
It was also explained the concept of political process and democratic transition and civil society, and how the young people are active in the political process and civil society organizations; at the end of the workshop the audience suggested youth mechanisms to make peace and that focused on:
1-Spread a culture of tolerance among Iraqi people.
2-Giving priority to national identity and end the secondary identities.
3-Ending of militarism shapes in the community and give the civilian nature to the state.
4-The formation and establishment of youth organizations absorb the energies of youth
5-Give a chance for young people to get the leadership positions in government institutions, civil society organizations and political parties.
6- Reduce the age of the nomination for membership of legislative councils
7-Review of educational system to help on development of youth perception
8-Spreading of cooperation values and Social symbiosis among the community
9-Provision the citizen services and preservation on the public properties
10-Support of activates and creativity youth
11-Increase communication between the organizations and youth, and open ways of communication through facebook and participate in the activities of the Organization.
12-Civil Society Organizations carried out culture programs and this contribute in re-integration in community among young people special to build peace.
13-Open the communication ways through conferences between youth and officials in the state

Estimation of Workshop:
The workshop was very good and achieved its aims special in the preparation of the youth cadres who have the expertise and information, and the organization has to provide necessary supplies for the success of the workshop such as logistic matters and appropriate environment for discussions and training, and this is clear through the evaluation form that was distributed to the participants with the knowledge that the original forms will be sent with the workshop report, here the summary of estimation:

Tammuz Orgainzation for Social Development

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