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Aid the Syrian refugees is a human deed

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development has distributed corporeal aids on Syrian refugees in Alqa’m district at Alanbar province, the aids had distributed on refugees that are out of camp of High Commission for Refugees Affairs in Alqa’m district on 26/1/2013, the committee which is related with management the refugees affairs in Alqa’m district supervised and helped in the process of distributing aids, the aids included sets of food materials, clothes, blankets, warmers and others needs which shared to exceed the cold winter session, the aids had distributed on more than two hundreds and seventy families of Syrian refugees who needs greatly to care and increasing the important needs under the hard psychological, environmental circumstances which represents by rains and coldness of winter session. Mentioned that our Organization working on following up the Syrian refugees situations since they entered Iraq in Alanbar and Duhok provinces, previously, the Organization had made a continuing visits to them in Domes and Alqa’m camps, and saved to them many corporeal aids in Alqa’m camp after it made a popular campaign to collect the donations to them, thus saving to them a main materials of their living in centers which are not ready to receive them but the Organization voluntary team in Alanbar has a role to open these centers and preparing the inhabits since they had come in last August. 

The Organization had also made a festival for child in Duhok in (Eid ul-fitr) event and distributed gifts to them.

From other side the Organization observes to join with meetings and sessions of International and local organizations. Mentioned that the numbers of refugees have increasing in Iraq and Syria neighbors countries continuously under the army disputes in Syria which requiring more care of International aid organizations and International society to submit the support and aid, with cooperation and coordination of central government, local governments and civil society organizations to achieve to ensure the rights of refugees according to international norms and principles of human rights.

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