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An aid campaign for displaced people from Nineveh Governorate

Tammuz Organization for social developing initiated with help of IPDs in Nineveh province in al-Khazer refugee camp on the border of Erbil and Nineveh. A team of organization members have visited a camp to know the reality and displaced needs, and during this visiting they found that the circumstances of people are very bad and their numbers are nearly 750 families comprising 2500 people including children, who can afford to 500 children. 

In spite of the bad environment and living conditions that they suffered from it, but the need of children for food and supplies have the biggest, so the organization felt that their aids must be to children in this stage hoping to provide other aids later.

The organization has been able to self-effort, its limited possibilities and the personal donates of its members to provide an amount of aids which included (baby milk from the age of the day up to 3 years, baby diapers, sterile issues and cake). 

Many of the displaced in this camp, special Tall Afar people, stay temporarily waiting the approval producers to enter to Erbil which they reside or move to Baghdad and other provinces. Either the families that have not supportive and have no financial possibilities they oblige to stay in this camp which lacks for the simplest life necessity, and the high temperature and sandstorm increase of its cruelty. 

During the visiting of the camp has noticed that there are offices for UN and local institution where they offer the aids for these people, but it is not enough for the needs of displaces because of their suffering, displacement and difficult psychological conditions.

Under the difficult humanitarian conditions, our organizations calls the federal government, Kurdistan region and other local and international organizations to bear responsibility towards those citizens and provide a dignified and safety life, and find the solutions to this humanitarian disasters which suffered by the various ethnic and religious affiliations Iraqis. It is worth mentioning that Tammuz Organization for social developing has previously carried out assistances to many refugees and displaced in the year 2006-2007 in Baghdad and the southern provinces, since the year 2010 to refugees camps of Syrian in Dumez-Duhok, Qaam-Anbar and Korkausik-Erbil. And today in Iraqi camp in Khazer-Nineveh.

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