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An educational seminar on enhancing transparency in public administration

Tammuz organization held a cultural seminar in cooperation with the Integrity Committee about enforcing the transparence in management on Tuesday 25/8/2015 in the head quarters of Tammuz organization. The relation official Evan al-Faily welcomed attendees of the Iraqi social organizations, civil activists and  representatives of official bodies, and gave a summary of establishing organization and its activities.
The assistant of General Manager in the relations department and organizations in the Integrity Committee Salih Abood, where talked about the role of the integrity committee in preventing venality and how to be honest in agreements and also explained some sections of the United Nations (UN) Agreements to prevent venality, and Iraq is a member in this agreement and present explanation about article 10 and talked about the necessary to arrange of local law framework to legislate some laws to promote the transparency in the management in order to access to the information guaranteed the international conventions.
It has been noted that some countries legislated such as this domestic laws in line with international standards to maintain on a national privacy, and also the United Nations issued some a legislative instructions and technical guide on how the relevant laws legislation in this field in order to ensure transparency and access information by citizens. The right law of access on the information did not currently prescribed in Iraq and need to hard work in order to legislate it and necessary to discover about information and documents and condemnation any person prevent to get information and necessity of publishing, in addition to spreading of publishing policy and determine of immunities and reduce of the costs and compatible laws.
Then it discussed some matters with the attendees and present a number of interventions include asking about the work and role of Integrity Committee to present criminals (corrupt) to the judgment, requested to cancel the Public Inspectors Departments, emphasizing on the necessary to active the transparency between authorities and departments and announcement of corrupt names by media, as well as promote of cooperation between integrity committee and civil social organizations through meetings and culture seminar about the integrity, transparency and corruption; Mr.Saleh Abood answered about all questions and clarifications.
At the conclusion, the colleague Evan al-Faily thanked all attendees and Integrity Committee, and presented participation certificates for attendees.

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