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An educational seminar on ensuring the rights of displaced people

Tammuz Organization for Social Development in cooperation with Legal Clinic Network and UNHCR concluded its educational seminar under slogan to ensure IDPs rights that held in Amal al-Manshod Camp 1 & 2 in Amryia/Fallujah on Wednesday and Thursday 9-10/12/2015. Colleague Ali Ghazal, responsible of legal clinic in Anbar province, welcomed attendees and presented a brief of organization activities and free services of legal clinic, and pointed out to the groups, beneficiaries categories and IDPs families.
The seminar attended by Dr.Hiyam Shaker activist in the human rights and civil society organizations in Amyria district, and more than 38 persons of IDPs from Amal al-Manshod Camp/1 and also more than 57 women of Amal al-Manshod Camp/2s in the fourth seminar.
Then Lawyers Mohammed Abdel Fayadh and Sabti Juma’a Abbas talked about the IDPs Rights through laws to protect them and ensure their rights, and emphasizing the importance of registering IDPs in immigration departments to ensure their rights as refugees, where the majority of the attendees are ignorant those laws and regulations to register for immigration departments. It has been opened the interventions and discussions by attendees and was asking questions related to their cases and how to get their rights, and lawyers of legal clinic replied their questions and inquiries and clarify the services and facilities provided by the Legal Clinic for the displaced from advises and legal representation.
It is worth mentioning that Tammuz organization held two workshop on 15th -21st Nov. 2015, one of them in the mosque A camp in Yusufiyah (Bzebz area) and the other in Ikram Zoba camp south of Baghdad to awareness  displaced families of their legal rights.
At the end of seminar, the attendees thanked members of Tammuz Organization for their efforts to hold as these seminars and care of IDPs and provide value information, and hope to go on the educational seminars.

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