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Awareness seminar on the legal rights of displaced people

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in cooperation with Legal Clinic Network and UNHCR an awareness seminar about legal rights for IDPs families in Hall of Mosque A in Yusufyia (Bzebz Region), and in the presence of Legal Clinic lawyer, Sheikh Ahmed Nabt the official of Camp, the head of Nour al-Rahma Camp for Human Rights Rahmah Abdul Kareem and more than 37 participants of families, which lives in camp. Colleague Ali Ghazal, the director of legal clinic in Anbar province, opened the session and welcomed attendees, and he talked about the work of legal clinic and its free services and the reason of seminar and its targets for the IDPs families to know their rights as IDPs.

Later Lawyer Mohammad Abdul Wahed Abd Ali presented a lecture on the legal rights for IDPs and how to ensure their rights through registry in the Displacement and Migration Department and local councils, and then definition of international conventions and treaties pertaining to the IDPs as well as the framework and legislation of National Legal, and also explained the conditions and required documents for registry in departments and how to communicate with legal clinic in case need to the free legal services. Later it was opened the door of the interventions and discussions where a number of women pointed that they didn’t receive the grant one million dinars to the present day and inquire on how to issue of ration card and official documents that lost during displacement, and in the end of the seminar Director of the clinic and the clinic’s lawyer answered questions and inquiries attendees and clarification the procedures and facilities provided by the Legal Clinic, and also emphasized that the IDPs have rights and the state must consent in cooperation with the local civil society and international organizations, as well as the relevant official bodies. Lastly Tammuz Organization for Social Development, Legal Clinic Network and UNHCR thanked attendees for their attending. It was noted that the legal clinic in Anbar province of Tammuz Organization for Social Development provides its services since June 2014 until now in collaboration with legal clinics and international organizations.

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