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Climate Change in Iraq and its Economic and Social Impacts

On December 1, 2022, Tammuz Organization for Social Development, in cooperation with colleague Sarah Majeed from the Climate Justice Ambassadors Program, organized a symposium in Baghdad on “Climate Change in Iraq and its Economic and Social Impacts“.

Mr. Jawad Al-Khikani, Head of the Energy, Water and Environment Department at the National Security Chancellery, and Mr. Abu Al-Hassan Al-Musafry, Head of Jiljamous Foundation For Antiquities and Marshes, were hosted. The symposium was attended by 33 persons, including specialists in climate, environment and economics, in addition to a number of representatives of civil society organizations.

During the symposium, there was talk about the concept of climate justice and the effects of climate change and what causes it to increase drought and desertification in Iraq and its economic and social effects. Ratios and statistics were also presented by the speakers about land drought and its causes, the most prominent of which was the misuse of running water in Iraq’s rivers and not storing it, also clarified its great impact on livestock and agricultural wealth, which has become almost non-existent in most of the marshes, causing the displacement of many residents of these areas.

In conclusion, there were several recommendations, the most important of which is that the government have a special program that works to restore life to the marshes and reduce land drought, desertification, and others.

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Tammuz Organization for Social Development

1st December 2022

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