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Conclusion of the second year of the project to promote the education and citizenship values in Iraq for the academic year 2012-2013

Tammuz Organization for Social Development concluded the second year of program to promote the civic and citizenship values in Iraq in cooperation with Teacher Creativity Center and Mustaqbal Foundation that included 20 schools from different districts and regions of Baghdad for the academic year 2012-2013 under the direct supervision from the Ministry of Education.

It was the formation of a delegation from the Organization to visit the school managers that will participate in the second stage of project 2013, and the emphasis on the attention of project for the sake of promotion the citizenship values of students who have participated in the project.

It has also reviewed the General Directorates for Culture Relations in the Ministry of Education in Khark and Resafa, and informs them on the importance of project and the role of the sponsor (Mustaqbal Foundation and Teacher Creativity), and providing the financial and logistic support of the project to learn our students to interest of citizenship and applying it.  

It has obtained the official approval by the Ministry of Education to carry out the second stage of the project, and has been monitoring the implemented of the project by field visiting to the participation schools and the visiting has characterized to learn the student the democracy way in the process of selecting the four students participated in the project stage and selection problem. 

As an advance step, it was explained the process of interviews and how to pull reports from the internet, local newspapers and definition of constitute and its significance and how to deal with constitute items. 

During this visiting, it was carried out interviews with training staffs that participating in the project, school administrative and talks about the project and the importance of its impact on the change in the thinking of the school and cultural development of the students, and it was also set up a page on Facebook under name the citizenship project in order to communicate daily, and increase acquaintance among the participating schools students.  

It was found continuous visits to provide new wonderful activities by students and was discussing problems that chosen by the students and display its importance, it is worth mentioning that some schools have adopted a project as an annual item is given by the teacher of national and sport subject.

The organization has also set up a local arbitration committee that made up of three colleagues for a final evaluation of the participating schools on Saturday 04/05/2013, and the assessment attended by supervisor of first Rusafa educational and Iraq educational channel which has covered the project during the evaluation, and set up several meetings with students and with the teaching staff supervising on the work of students of teachers.

The performance of the students was very wonderful and it was the adoption of standards ( understand the problem and its significance, realism, and analysis of alternative policy, public policy development, the use of scientific method, clarity and organization, persuasion, cooperation among the team and educational dimension, and determined time and others).

The student showed their paintings and the files of students were evaluated by a local committee to the four sections, where the first section for identifying the problem through writing and explain the problem and its causes and provide evidences of their existence, while the second section has singled to propose the alternative policies by offering two policies or three.

Where it has developed the proposal policy with evidence and arguments, as well as determine the positive and negative of the proposed policy and explain the concept (why public policy and the proposed is constitutional), and it also provide coherent information to support each other in the display panel and documentation, either the fourth section and the last has dealt with the subject of implementation of the action plan, which was to identify individuals and groups supporters and opponents who must influence them, and finally presented a coherent information to support each other in the display panel and file documentation). In the end, the students and faculty gave thanks to the organization and supporting parties to do this purposeful activity, and at the same time his students and professors expressed their desire to continue activities that promote the values of citizenship on an ongoing without the need for a project where the organization put the foundation on how to activate the role of students in this area

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