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Dialogue symposium entitled (The role of organizations in cultural diversity programs to combat corruption)

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held a dialogue seminar entitled (NGOs and its leading role in cultural diversity to eliminate corruption) in cooperation with Commission of Integrity – Relations Department on June 23, 2016, the seminar attended by a number of civil society organizations representatives, academic professors, civil activists, government employees and media.
Colleague Evan al-Faily, who is responsible for Public Relations in Tammuz Organization for Social Development, welcomed attendees for their participation in this seminar, then the Media Manager of Commission of Integrity Mrs.Wala’a al-Hassan has presented a summary on the role of the commission of Integrity in eliminate corruption and said that it is a independence commission subjecting to control of Iraqi Parliament and enjoys with financial and administrative independence, and works to prevent corruption and adopt of transparence in the affairs of ruling at all levels. As well as it achieves in the corruption cases according to law of the Commission of Integrity and develop of integrity and transparence culture in the private and public sector, and strength citizens’ confidence in the government, in addition to issue of behavioral regulations to ensure the correct and proper performance.
Member of NGOs in the Commission of Integrity Professor Salman Naqash presented his main intervention on the role of NGOs in strengthening of integrity values and affirm awareness and how to take advantage of the cultural diversity in the fight against corruption and its effects and mechanisms to eliminate it. He explained that the most important anti-corruption methods are prosecuting corruption processes, enhance transparency, choosing the efficient administrative and professional leaders, reduce the role of the public sector, provide the elements of integrity, promote a culture of integrity and activating the constitutional, parliamentary and judicial accountability, and regulatory and internal and popular bodies, and the involvement of civil society organizations in the end corruption, stressing the importance of the media’s role by shedding light on the corruption matters.
He also spoke about the national integrity system, which is a modular system was developed by TI and is constantly being developed, and the importance of periodic evaluation of Iraq that makes it a means for reform, oversight, planning and building alliances and partnerships later.
Then it was opened the discussions among participants to express their views on the corruption and the ways to deter corrupt persons to active the electronic governance, and develop the work of the commission of Integrity through determine mechanisms to fight corruption and with the help of civil society organizations and in this way begin steps the law legislation of the right of access to information. A number of attendees participated in the discussion including Vice President of the Municipal Council of Karada Mr.Baha’a al-Rubai’i, Mr.Majed Jwad al-Amer from Economic Forum, the activist Mrs.Sana al-Jinabi, activist Ghaith Sa’adon from Tawasil Organization to Empower Youth and Dr.Ali Tajiq from Iraqi University and others.

Lastly it was thanked the attendees and participate in the discussion and present new suggestions and ideas to raise the awareness of integrity, and colleagues of Commission of Integrity affirmed to take all notes and suggestions in consideration and continuity to hold seminars and awareness activities in cooperation with civil society organizations in the future.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
June 25, 2016

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