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Dialogue symposium under the slogan (Opinion polls and their role in combating corruption and consolidating the principles of good governance)

Tammuz Organization for Social Development and Information Center for Development and Research have hold in cooperation with Integrity of Commission /Relations Office with NGOs a seminar under slogan (Role of Opinion Poll to anti-Corruption and Fixing the Principles of Good Governance)  on Thursday 26/7/2016 at the headquarter of Tammuz Organization.
Mr.Salman Naqash of Integrity of Commission has opened the seminar and talked about the tasks and role of Integrity of Commission in fighting corruption and spreading of integrity and transparence among community, the seminar was attended by a number of activists and representatives of civil society organization, who are interested in the reconnoitering.
Mr.Mazin Sahib of the Integrity of Commission presented his speech on the good governance and the mechanisms to anti-corruption, saying that the successful countries in the anti-corruption are distinguish by adopting the principles of good governance in the competent administration for all foundations include the principles of transparency, participation and the rule of law, where it seeks to achieve the justice and non-discrimination between citizens and respond for their needs. He also reviewed the principles of good governance coming in the UN convention to anti-corruption through multi measures urge the states parties to participate in anti-corruption in the related  topics such as exchange information, present the technique assistances, getting back assets and apply the principles of transparency, the article No.10 of convention emphasizes that states parties must use the measures to enhance the transparency in its public administration through adopting measures enable peoples to get information on how to arrange its administration. As he showed the interest of governmental and non-governmental institutions about the public opinion to know its trends through the periodicity or emergency reconnoitering.
The intervention of colleague Ali Sahib of Information Center for Development and Research dealt with the importance of public opinion in the fighting corruption within state institutions, how to link topics of poll and how to encourage the governmental institutions to reform its system to discover the problems, affirming the necessary to create debates among people through alliances or groups to improve the culture level.
A number of participants participated in the discussions, Mr.Salman Naqash and Ali Sabih replied on the questions of the opinion polls and how its effect on the social reform. Mr.Falah al-Yasri, member of Human Rights Commission, stressed that there is no good governance only if there is respect for public opinion.
At the end of the seminar, representatives of the Integrity of Commission thanks Tammuz Organization, Information Center and attendees for their active participation in the seminar and present their views in order to raise awareness about public opinion poll and mechanics to combat corruption.
It is worth mentioning that the Tammuz Organization for Social Development intends through holding these activities in cooperation and coordination with the Integrity of Commission to support national efforts to combat corruption in all formal and informal institutions, and emphasize on the independence of independent bodies as the executive authorities and the reform of the legal and administrative mechanisms and governmental formations to combat corruption in the state departments from hand and raising public awareness among the society segments and inside the state institutions of the seriousness of corruption and its negative effects in building a institutions state and good governance on the other hands.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
July 27, 2016

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