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Digital security training for female employees of women’s empowerment departments in Najaf

The “female revolution” team – Najaf Governorate carried out digital security training for female employees of the women’s empowerment departments in Najaf Governorate

The training, which was held in the Najaf Governorate Diwan hall, As  28 female employees attended the session, which aimed to enable women to learn more about the technology they use and the great risks associated with it, and how to protect themselves from electronic threats such as (personality impersonation, spyware, and electronic extortion)

The training was led by the activist Faten Iyad Saleh, one activist of the revolution team is female, where she began by defining digital security, its importance, and objectives, besides how to protect accounts by activating the two-step verification feature, and she also gave a detailed explanation on how to use the “KeyPassX” password saver and how to organize and create passwords.

Then, she explained the steps from which it can be learnt about the safety of the phone from hacking and how to securely scan files and so on.

At the conclusion of the theoretical part, a test was conducted for the participants on the strength of their passwords, and they were taught how to change them, set strong passwords that are difficult to crack, and activate two-step verification.

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