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Digital Security Workshop in Najaf

On 18-19 October 2021, in the city of Najaf, Tammuz organization held a training workshop on Digital Security in the project of (Thawra Untha or Revolution begins with females). The target group of the workshop was female activists in Najaf.

16 female activists, of diverse specialties, participated in the workshop, the first day started with a round of introductions between activists took place.   Then, the trainer Abdullah explained the digital, computers and phones security he also mentioned accounts security and privacy and coding interpersonal communication. The first day of the workshop included practical exercises and the application of what had been explained.

As for the second day, it begun with a review for the subject address on the day before. After that, the trainer discussed how to evaluate security risks and also addressed physical security and the participants were trained on the safety guidelines and emergency procedures, the workshop was concluded with some practical exercises given to the participants on the subject of the workshop.

It is worth to mention that the project of (Thawra Untha) has been being implementing by Tammuz Organization in cooperation with Bax organization Najaf and Dhi-Qar organizations. The project   aims to highlight the role of women and empowering them to become capable of changing their stereotype   and to actively participate in the leading and decision making centers.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

20 October 2021

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