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Drug spread and its impact on women

On Thursday, September 22, 2022, The Female Revolution Team, in cooperation with the Women’s Empowerment Department in Dhi Qar Governorate, performed an awareness seminar on the phenomenon of drug spread and its impact on women within the Female Revolution Project.

The seminar addressed the reasons for the spread of drugs and the high rates of abuse, and what are the effects of the reach of this phenomenon on society and especially on women the decline in the level of education, the spread of unemployment, and so on. After that, the discussion revolved around the psychological and physical effects on women that result from drug abuse.

In closing, they drew a group of the most significant recommendations up:

Executing the law strongly at the border crossings.

– Work on producing professional media campaigns performed by specialists to raise awareness of the seriousness of this phenomenon in society.

– Cooperate with community organizations and volunteer teams to spread field awareness messages.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for social Development

22 Sep 2022

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