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Female vision of the political scene

On Friday 19 August 2022, at the hall of the Engineering union in Nasiriya, the Revolution is female team held a dialogue session entitled   “Female vision of the political scene”.

The purpose of the session was to know the opinions of the female activists on the current political situation and to discuss about the roles that are likely to be played by women to contribute in putting an end to the current political crises.

Several recommendations were concluded the most important of which was the necessity to involving women more in conflicts resolutions so they can play a real part in decision making.

Also it was stressed on the need to have awareness on the situation seriousness if the disputed tuned into an armed one and how it is important to demand pacification to get peaceful solutions besides organizing vigils to have a bigger involvement in conflict resolutions and decision making. 

The session also witnessed a photography exhibition to chronicle women’s participation in October’s protests and a pamphlet by the team of Revolution is female named “Sound of Revolution” was circulated. The book tells the stories of a group of women during October’s protests.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

19 August 2022

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