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Holding three seminars to raise legal awareness and its importance in guaranteeing rights

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development held three seminars to raise the women IDPs’ legal awareness, since it’s very important to guarantee rights.

The seminars took place in Ramadi city, the center of Anbar province, in corporation with the A2JPI. The seminars were attended by a large gathering of women. 

the beginning of the seminar included disclosing the articles of the Iraqi constitution that are concerned with freedoms and rights, with concentration on women rights, the demands of the legislation of laws that guarantee women’s rights, through law suites, legal reviews, and other legal actions. The seminar also included explanations for some articles in the Iraqi laws, and international conventions that Iraq signed, since women in Iraq represent more than half of the Iraqi community; hence the organization is continuing it’s programs and activities that aim to raise women’s legal awareness, through workshops and educational seminars of legal legislations, procedures, and instructions in case of pleading for a certain issue. Also issuing calls to pay more attention to women situation, and support them at all levels, through the legislation of laws that will guarantee the women’s dignity, human and women rights in Iraq.

The seminars also concentrated on the fact that IDPs are a special situation with special legal requirements, disclosing their rights, and the requirements of claiming those rights, to guarantee that they get them, including the procedures of registration, and the required documents to register with the directorate of migration, especially that Anbar province is witnessing cases of multiple displacement for a year now in and outside the province.

At the end of the seminar, the legal clinic in Anbar was made known to the participants, as well as the free legal aid and services it provides, which include legal consultation and representation, and follow up with the related official bodies through a specialized legal staff; also the address of the legal clinic, and work hours for all the participants to learn about, or for any other women who they knew and that may need the services of the legal clinic in the province.

Our activities in raising legal awareness also included posters, stickers and radio programs.

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