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Holding workshops to discuss the oil and gas project in Iraq

 Under the slogan “The legislation of the oil and gas law in Iraq is an important step to guarantee a fair distribution of wealth and solve the outstanding issues” Tammuz Organization for Social Development held a workshop on Sat. the 18th Oct. 2014. The workshop was attended by members of Bagdad provincial council/ the oil and gas committee, economic and banking experts, the Iraq Ministry of Oil, and civil activists specialized in oil and gas.

The workshop was opened by our colleague Evan Alfaily, he presented briefly, the importance of this law, and the organization’s role in discussing the important laws. The organization, since the announcement of the draft of the oil and gas law in 2007, held several workshops in the oil- productive provinces because of oil’s importance and relation to people’s lives, social development, and social justice. 

Today, Tammuz organization is holding a number of workshops in Basra, Baghdad, Maisan, Dhi Qar, Kirkuk, and Erbil, to discuss the draft of the Oil and Gas Law, and discuss the latest updates to the Iraqi oil policies. The participants discussed a number of important subjects, regarding Extraction, refining, storage and transportation, and then the participants were divided into groups to discuss the draft of the Oil and Gas Law. After the end of the groups deliberations, each group was given time to demonstrate their recommendations regarding the draft, and deliberate regarding the controversial and negative points of the draft, with an attempt to find the best version of the draft, that guarantees an equivalent distribution of financial resources, the protection of oil fields from extortion, and solve all outstanding problems of all levels.

It’s worth to mention that Tammuz organization is in the process of organizing a national conference to discuss the draft, demonstrate the recommendations that were devised in the other provinces, where the other workshops were held in Basra, Maisan, Dhi Qar, Kirkuk and Erbil, and to prepare a new draft for oil, Gas, and other raw material that guarantees the rights of all citizens as determined in the Iraqi constitution, and an equivalent distribution of financial resources, so that all Iraqi citizens can enjoy Iraq’s wealth, and be secured in a peaceful Iraq.

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