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In three Governorates: Tammuz Attends Counting and Sorting Imitation Process

At the invitation of the Independent High Electoral Commission, Tammuz Organization for Social Development attended simulations of polling day by experimenting with counting, screening and verification devices on Monday, 23 August 2021, in Baghdad, Anbar and Nasiriya.

Representatives of the organization were in the office of the High Commissioner in Baghdad, scattered centers in Anbar province and the city of Nasiriya. The UNHCR team in the various provincial centers began to provide details of the progress of the election on the ground in the presence of station staff, agents of political entities and civil society organizations, international observers and United Nations representatives.

The experimental imitations included the testing of an updated fingerprint device and connected with wires to the ballot box and both of the devices equipped with a battery works for several hours in case of power cut.

And then and then the employee in charge would ask the voter to show their IDs to verify their identity ,followed by taking their fingerprint and the they would pick their voter cards and proceed to their voting to the final step.

The IHEC employees made sure to explain how to deal with invalid voting cards and how the ballot box would not recognize them and would automatically exit them with a red stamp to be considered an invalid voting card.

The imitation process went smoothly without recorded obstacles and the organizers of this process showed cooperation to all attendees through answering all inquiries and raised questions.

The IHEC emphasized that this process will be repeated several times to ensure the validity and the accuracy of the devices and to overcome any obstacles that may occur on the polling day.

Media Office 

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

25 August 2021

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