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Initial Report of Sort and Count in Baghdad and Provinces

Most of polling stations have closed its door at five o’clock in the afternoon because of provisional council elections 2013, and started the counting and sorting process after voting of all citizens inside electoral station and the total number of violations that our observers monitored 182 breach on the overall election process, and our observers monitored the process and recorded the following notes:
1. Continuing some stations to enter voters to the polling station, even after their allotted time for election as Ragba’a Khatoon Station 105401 in Baghdad/Resafa, where it was not closed the ballot boxes till 5.30 pm, but other stations have closed on time in the rest provinces (Diwanya, Karbala, Najaf, Babil, Kut, Salah al-Din, Diyala, Muthana, Baghdad (Resafa & karkh), Maysan, Basra, Dhi Qar, Kirkuk & Anbar).
2. Qualified voting (Government officials, journalists and persons who sleep in the hospitals and prisons), will counting its results on 21st of April.2013 for that the ballot boxes will transfer from stations to the national station for purpose of sort it.
3. Voting of displaced people will also sort on 21st of April.2012 after transferring it to the national station.
4. Expulsion observers of political entities and organizations including observers of our organization from stations of counting and sorting process in the Batalat Karbala Station, Rawabi Station in Hai al-Askari in Diwanya province, after hours they enter to the station except organization’s observers.
5. Draw pens of organizations’ observers and political entity in the Sukina School Station in Najaf
6. Remove all stationaries of counting place
7. Observers confromed number of recorded boxes in the period of opening.
8. Final polling papers were equal to the received number
9. Counting process was according to instructions but in Muthana in Namothaj Station (272302) was not completed the measures of sort and count, and take out results because of not available form number 602 of polling stations
10. Ballot papers were classified into valid and invalid according to the instructions
11. It was compatibility among the polling station staff when matching ballots papers are valid.
12. Polling station did not allow non-employees to participate in the counting process
13. Ballot Station Manager announced the results of the counting and in some stations not completed counting process such as in Maitham Tamar station in Maysan where electricity turn off and the Commission members did not complete the process of counting and repeated the situation in the Ghazaliya Primary School
14. About the objection, one of employee of ballot station objected to the announced results
15. It has also been packing and closing in the bags mostly safe (the material) according to the instructions.
16. Counting process was transparent where it has been monitoring the case of non-completion of counting and sorting process because electricity is turned off in more than station and has also been informed observers and agents to complete counting tomorrow, including the Ghazaliya Primary Station in Baghdad.

Tammuz Organization for Social Development
20th of April.2013

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