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Initial Report of Tammuz Organization about its Observation of Special Voting Process for Provisional Council on April, 13.2013

Tammuz Organization for Social Development continues in its election observation of provisional council 2013, where it has started in observation of voters’ registry updating, entities registry and political coalitions, and observation of election campaigns for candidates are continuing till 19th of April.2013.
Completing of election processes and starting the first stage of election that is special voting, where Independent High Electoral Commission has opened 420 electoral centers including 1845 ballot station, and the total number of special voter of the security devices 651 thousand voters after delete voters of Anbar and Nineveh because of postponed elections. Electoral commission put aside 46323 voters of special voting because of problems in their documents, and announced that these have right in voting on 20th of April.2013.
Special voting process started in whole provinces on Saturday 13th of April.2013, where Tammuz Organization observes this process and spreading 1122 observers and observes the electoral stations in all provinces since opening until closing after ending of polling process; our observers recorded a number of notices and breaches and will include important notes below:
1. Opening most of the electoral stations at seven o’clock
2. Positive presence of the security forces to protect the electoral stations
3. It was noticed presence of electoral propagandas inside and near of a number of electoral stations in Baghdad and provinces
4. The performance level of commission was good in all provinces.
5. Lack of voters’ names in voters list of security forces employees in whole of provinces and this may be because of lack coordination between the Security Ministries and Independent High Electoral commission
6. Confusion in a number of election stations because of not arrangement enter of the security forces employees, and demand helping for arrange their entry to the election station and led to withdraw hundreds of voters.
7. It was noticed the presence local and international observers
8. It was noticed good presence of political entities
9. Stability of the security situation despite voting of the security forces and there is no recorded any security breach, and this is positive indicate.
10. Good approach on the polling station in whole of Iraq provinces reflects the big rate in special voting of the Interior and Defense forces.
11. The presence of different media in a number of ballot stations to cover the voting process.
12. It is noticed the presence of electoral propaganda near al-Tadamn Station in Maysan Province, and it has reported the coordinator and then it was removed propaganda by commission
13. Oqba Bin Nafi’i station in Salah al-Din witnessed a great number of voters but the organization was not in correct way, and it was noticed the presence of attorneys among voters out of electoral stations.
14. In Najaf province in al-Mustafa Intermediate School was attended vehicle carry voters and propaganda of list 411 to the electoral station
15. Station number 1 in al-Mofeed Secondary Station and al-Entesar Station in Hai al-Rabi’i were using any finger for ink after election, and it has reported that they must use forefinger.
16. It was arrested one of observers of Tammuz Organization in Najaf in Ali al-Wardi Station by the security forces because of its imaging of electoral breach to propaganda near the election station, and after interference of commission they released him
17. Al-Masoodi Intermediate Station in Resafa, the big number of people there led to controversy by voters of the security forces with employees of commission, but it was controlled on the situation.  A big number of voters in Resafa did not found their names in registries and also there is mistakes in voters’ names or replacement name of grandfather with father name causing prevent of elect.
18. In Rabi’i Station in al-Entesar Secondary School in S’aba Abkar region was found electoral propaganda at a distance 15 meters of Mutahidon List for the candidate series 50, 51 & 99, and propaganda for Qadimon Madanion List number 446 series 6. There is a big impetus on the electoral station which led to controversy at 9:30 in the morning and ending with a problem causing close the station door to solve the problem and then open the door after solve it.
19. In Entesar Secondary School in al-Rabi’i Station also not permitted using the copy of documents in checkup, and it was also noticed the presence mass elect and new among voters inside one cabinet.
20.Khalis Station (2) number 2494 in Muqdadia, there is electoral propaganda at a distance 10 meters from station for list 501, and spreading supports of list inside station and there is no any political entity attorney where the station was for attorneys of list 501, and there is employee in police is attorney for the same list. It was also noticed the presence one of Brigadier at the door of station orders soldiers to vote for list 501.
21. In al-Entifada Intermediate School in Mansoor 1038, there is confusion at the door where one of guards open fire in air for the purpose of arrange queue and this led to withdraw approximate 250 persons of queue and not vote.
22. In al-Garbia Station 172151, one of candidates distribute propaganda cards to the army and police at the door of station
23. Some voters carry a copy introducing card allowing to some of them in voting but other no.
24. One of candidates distributes the electoral propaganda at a distance 10 meters of election Rabab Station in Kut province, and then observer informs commission.
25. Our observers in Dhi Qar in al-Wehda Secondary School monitored acclaim for one list near the station.
26. The reports of our observers referred to the participation rate is between 55-65%
It should be noted that coordinators and observers of organization make interviews with a number of satellite channels such as al-Arabia Chaneel, Summariya, Iarq al-Hurra in Baghdad, Sharqyia, Salan, Rasheed and Baghdad in Anbar, Falluja and Dhi Qar, and with radio stations such as Iraq Voices Radio, al-Nasrya News Network, al-Akhbarya Network, South Agency, Furat Channel, International Agencies, al-Ahad and Sawa radio.

Tammuz Organization for Social Development
13th of April.2013

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