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Legal awareness workshop for displaced people

Tammuz Organization for Social Development / Legal Clinic in Anbar Province held in cooperation with legal clinic network and UN High Commissioner a legal awareness workshop at ten o’clock morning 29/02/2016 in Abyad Camp in Amryia /Fallujah, which contains 300 displaced families from Anbar. The workshop attended by a number of formal offices in Amryia / Fallujah, Civil Society Organizations, notables from the area including Sheikh Jabr Abbas Hussein, a representative of the Iraqi Red Crescent Mr.Hammed Ahmed Awad and representative of cpuncil Mr.Ahmed Hashim Owaid; it is worth mentioning that the number of attendees was 36 displaced people (two women and 34 men) from Anbar.
Colleague Ali Ghazal opened the workshop and welcomed attendees, and then presented a summary about Tammuz Organization activities and legal clinic and talked about the signification of this workshop and its goals from legal side. Lawyer Mohammed Abd Fayad talked about the law of Ministry of Displacement and Migration No.2 / 2009 that stresses on IDPs rights and introduces the IDPs that they are Iraqis obliged to run away from their houses inside Iraq to avoid armed disputation or violence, and also showed law No.20/2009 concerning compensation those affected by the hostilities and military mistakes and acts of terror in Article 14/ Secondly. He also explained the conditions that must be follow to registry of IDPs in the Departments of Displacement and Migration to ensure their rights, pointing out to the mechanism of law No.21/2010 on protection IDPs of any extortion from any party and obtaining the basic services such as education and healthcare, in addition to save their life and facility the measures their return.
Mohammed Abd Fayad mentioned the mechanism of IDPs registry in the Departments of the Displacement and Migration by providing:
1)   Confirmation dwelling from the local council
2)   Formal documents and picture to get card can review the office of Displacement and Migration in the province to ensure the rights obtained by the Ministry of Displacement and Migration.
Then there were interventions and inquiries by the displaced is most important that there is a large number of them have registry  in those offices and have been receiving review card, but their names did not declared yet and even no receive any amount such as million and rent, so lawyer will be the record all information for those names which did not appear to inquire about the reasons that have prevented the appearance of their names.
others have inquired about issuing of Qi Card and passed more than eight months without obtaining on million, lawyer Mohammed Abd Fayad replied that the ministry did not got enough amounts to lunch it.

The lawyer of legal clinic also explained new measures for the return of displaced peoples in the case of their desire of returning to the original place of residence as the following:
1)     IDPs, who want to return, must review the offices of Ministry of Migration to registry their names.
2)     IDPs can review the offices of ministry after confrimation of the local authroities
3)     Open file and attach all documents that concerned IDPs
4)     Legal engagment of returning family that did not receive any grant for the return of the other branches.
Ali Ghazal started a detailed explanation of the role of legal clinics network and services offered by the clinic in Anbar and the issues and how to communicate with the displaced families to provide free legal services in the province, and clarified the mobile legal clinic in all areas where displaced people exist and have communication through the camps and complexes officials and coordination with them in order to provide services, in additiont to hot line to receive inquiries and questions through the week (07809447442 /07722429560), these phones are just for free legal clinic in Anbar.

At the end of the workshop attendees thanked members of the organization and cadre Legal Clinic in Anbar province on the implementation of this workshop and raise issues and advices their own, where they were receiving the issues of IDPs and give them legal advices free.

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