Women's Rights and Gender

Online seminar for Young Leaders Program trainees

On Tuesday, May 23, 2022, Bashdar Arkan and Akram Abdel Qader, two of the Fourth class Young Leaders Program participants, conducted an online conference on the Zoom APP on gender and peacebuilding.

This conference is a component of the Young Leaders Program implemented by the Tammuz Organization for Social Development in group action with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

During the conference, in which over 100 people took part, the debate revolved around gender and its effect the subject of gender discrimination and what are the most obvious gender roles of men and women. The session also discussed the most important steps required to build peace and reduce violence and gender discrimination.

The Young Leaders Program is an annual program organized by Tammuz Organization for Social Development in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Three classes of young leaders have already graduated, the number of which exceeded 100 young people, representing all spectrums of the Iraqi people.

Media office

Tammuz organization for Social Development

23 May 2022

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