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“Procedures for the return of the IDPs and the birth certificate”

On Thursday 5/7/2018, Tammuz Organization for Social Development organized the Third legal awareness workshop under the slogan “Displaced Persons in Iraq Returning for building” in the camps of Bzebz. The workshop was attend by displaced persons in total (47) which is the number of men (17) and the number of women (30). Where our colleague (Muhanad Karim) as a representative of Tammuz Organization for Social Development welcomed the attendance and the introduced the network of free legal clinic in Al-Anbar province, which is part of a network of legal clinics and in partnership with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), explained the objectives of the workshop. Our colleagues (lawyer Falah Numan Daghimsh, lawyer Jawhar Ali Farhan ,from protection team Abd-Aljbaar Mohammed, Farhan ,from protection team Mohammed Ibrahim and from GBV Teba Nehad) In addition the International Medical Organization and the staff of LCN (colleague Tawfiq, and colleague Amna Sadiq) attended the workshop.

Our lawyer colleague (Falah Noman) began to give a lecture on the rights of displaced persons, procedures for the return of the IDPs and the birth certificate, including important points:

How to register the displaced?

What are the required documents to prove the displacement case?

The return registration (Return verification means).

Measures taken to insure the return of the displaced students to their study.

Mines risks.

Birth certificate.

The procedures to apply for the required documents.

Gender Based Violence

Then the lecturers opened the floor to discussions and questions where a number of displaced people raised some questions and they got the answers to raise awareness between IDPs.

A number of 100 brochures were distribute to those present in the camp at the end, the participants appreciated the importance of the information that was given by our lawyer colleagues during the workshop, where consultations were given to the attendees and the cases were received from them.

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Free Legal Clinic

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