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Psychological support session for Najaf female activists

On Saturday, February 19, 2022, in Najaf Governorate, Tammuz Organization for Social Development implemented a psychological support session for a group of activists within the Female Revolution Project.

The aim of the session was for the activists to talk about the difficult stories and situations that occurred with them, and to discuss them with the specialist in psychological counseling and the coordinator of the Tammuz organization in the “Female Revolution” project, Ms. Nashwa Ali, for the purpose of knowing the impact that these situations had on their lives in general, in addition to alleviating One of the negative effects that they suffered because of these attitudes.

The session discussed several topics, the most important of which are: early marriage and its effects, domestic violence and harassment. After that, the session facilitator performed a psychological exercise called “The River of Life”, where each activist drew a river representing her life path and wrote down all the situations, challenges and stories that she experienced within the family and society.

In conclusion, the activists thanked the Tammuz organization for organizing such initiatives, which are necessary for women at the present time due to the difficult situations they are exposed to within the family and society.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

19 February 2022

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