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Report counting the first in the provinces of Anbar and Ninawa

After the end of the voting process and the closure of most of the polling stations at five in the afternoon, began the process of counting the votes, and during this period record our observers present in polling stations, several observations on the overall process of counting in the provinces of Anbar and Ninawa, including the following observations:

1 – The packaging and closure (of the material) according to the instructions on the most likely.

2 – did not allow non-employees to the polling station together in the process of counting and sorting center such as Tal Afar in Ninewa and Ba’shiqah.

3 – The Observers matching the numbers registered funds they have in the opening period in which most of the centers where the presence of our observers.

4 – were classified ballot papers to valid and invalid according to the instructions.

5 – The compatibility between the staff of the polling station when matching ballots valid than others.

6 – The director of the polling station results of counting in most of the stations that were attended by our observers .

7 – The removal of all materials ( tools ) to write from a place count before the start of the counting process in most centers .

8 – The packaging and closure ( of the material ) according to the instructions in most centers .

9 – observed an explosion targeted the general status of counting and sorting in Anbar province led to the fall of a number of martyrs and wounded at ninth quarter pm led to the imposition of curfews at the tenth and closed the center, did not open until the next morning until secure the area and ensure the arrival of a cadre counting and sorting.

10 – observed the presence and agents of political entities in many of the polling stations, but the numbers were much lower than at the polling period. 

11 – vote for your vote for the displaced and hospitals, will conduct the counting process with the results of the special voting for security forces in stores Commission in Ninewa and Anbar. 

Note: The organization will issue a detailed report about the final process of provincial elections at all levels.

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