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Report of Tammuz Organization about the Media silence of parliament elections in Kurdistan Region 2013

Tammuz Organization for Social Development observed the media of silence of parliament elections in Kurdistan on 19 and 20 September, a period which is not permitted by any entity or candidate to promote himself or his supporters, and a commitment to media of silence is the international standards that allow voters to choose their candidate quietly and without disorient.  Independent High Electoral Commission also observed the election this period and then will impose sanctions on violators in accordance with specified legal regulations. During our observation for these two days, we recorded a number of notes through our observers in provinces of region and they are:
First: Direct propaganda of candidates and entities
The breaches that have been controlled:
1-Some candidates breached the day of media silence by sending sms to other candidates from various political entities.
2-It was monitoring a number of cars raise the flags of parties and its election list number in three provinces (Erbil, Sulaimanyia & Dhok)
3-Distribute the election propaganda and promote for candidates through direct interviews with people
Second: Indirect breaches
These breaches were through programs of satellite channels affiliated to competing political entities in the elections, where broadcasting programs during these two days trying to show aims and their achievements and focus on the faults and criticism of other parties, and calling to elect their list indirect and provocation to not elect other parties specially the channels of the opposition political parties.
Third: propaganda through websites and social networking sites by most political entities:   

1-Election propaganda of some candidates on their personal pages in social networking sites on Facebook and Twitter
2-Some supporters spread pictures and posters of candidates and calling to elect them via Facebook
3-Some citizens show their intention to vote some candidates through Facebook
4- Some pages of Facebook and Twitter promote political entities and candidates during the two days
It should be noted that if it proved the violating the media silence by candidates and entities, the Independent Electoral Commission will impose fines on violators, and we consider these measures is inadequate and does not limit the number of violations, where many of the offenders pay fines because most of them from large blocs, therefore, it is supposed to be a deterrent penalties
The clerks’ position was good in Friday speeches, which were held on the last day before the election, and called for citizens and their families to participate in the elections without refer to vote for any party or a specific candidate.

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

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