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Reporting of Private Voting Surveillance for the Elections of Iraqi Parliament-Opening and Initial Polling Report April 28.2014

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development has initiated monitoring of the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the completing stages of the electoral with the start of the first stage of it that is a special voting, and after that our organization observed the adjustment of election law, adoption Sante legue according to Iraqi way, updating of voters’ record, registry of political entities and coalitions, continuation of observation of the electoral campaigns that beginning on April.1st and ends on April.29th, 2014.

The organization has also issued several reports, recommendations and observations about the previous electoral, and Independent Electoral Commission has opened 534 polling stations for private security forces to vote; the number of stations reached (2670), and the number of people who are eligible to vote from the private security approximately 1023829 thousand voters. The organization observes the private voting in all provinces on Monday 28th of April.2014 and 2212 observers circulate in the electoral centers in all provinces noting that Tammuz Organization and its observers work voluntarily in the electoral centers since opening at seven o’clock in the morning until closing at six o’clock in the evening. A number of notes recorded by our observers as following: 


•             It has been changed Oyeon al-Maha Station (306550) to Ibn al-Khateeb for unknown reasons noting that Oyeon al-Maha station included two station but the turnout still weak about %5

•             Propaganda distributed at a distance less than 100 meters by a difference team which is subjected to al-Ahrar and Eslah Movement near Hai Summer 108051 

•             Distributing propaganda of Law State and al-Ahrar Movement on voters at a distance less than 100 meters from Esood al-Rafdeen Station (111950)

•             Distributing propaganda of al-Ahrar Movement to voters at distance less than 100 meter of al-Amal School (106550).

•             The electronic card reader has stopped and using another device al-Harth al-Arabi Intermediate School (105550) and the increasing turnout at 9:00 am

•             There is a crowding in the stations because some of voters take a long time in voting 


•              Turnout was weak in al-Entifadah Station (100207) in Karkh area until 8:00 am

•             Citizens in Ghazalyia faced some difficulties in find the polling stations; there is no polling station in Shulla and Tarmiya  

•             Distributing the electoral propaganda near al-Osra School in Amriya area for list 251

•             Some of military ranks persuade voters to chose Law State and al-Nukhba list

•             The security breaches in Mansoor near one of electoral stations which led to some confusion in voting

Dhi Qar:

•             Al-Musawi Station did not opened until 7:45 am and was replaced it with another center.

•             The rate of voters was good


•             It was prevented to enter cellular phone to some stations in Maysan

•             The rate of voters are good since 9:00 am with a well organize 


•             It has been prevented to enter our observers into the stations in Diyala, and they contacted the Commission and they promised to dissolve the problem because this problem exists in most stations

•             An attorney of political entities disturbs propaganda inside al-Shumu’a station in Khalis (249301) for list of al-Sadikon, Islamic Dawa Party- organization of home and al-Ahrar.


•             Most of apparatus of the polling did not arrive to stations until 7:30 am, so the stations do not opened in Qa’am, al-Obaidi, al-Romana and al-Ekashat

•             It has been prevented observers to enter the electoral stations by army in Jaba area and Railway station

•             Army has unknown lists with name of observers where they enter observers based on the presence of their names in the lists 

•             Closed Ramadi way until 9:00 am 


•             The situation is good and stations were opened but the turnout was still weak about %5

•             There is observers of al-Alian Network

•             Mass voting in Malk Ibn al-Ashtar in Sawyra (27950) by captain and three of policemen, and the electonic card reader works weakly  


•             Distribution the electoral propaganda for candidates of Law State list serial (17) and al-Wafa’a al-Iarq list serial (16) near Amar Ibn Yasser Station (165350)

•             Closed Ali al-Akbar School (264351) because of crowding

Salah al-Din:

•             There is a curfew and a weak turnout until 9:00 am


•             A weak turnout until 9:00 am


•             A security breach because Iraqi army believed that the employees of commission are terrorists which led to killing 2 and injured 2 of employees 

•             There is a curfew in Mousl

•             Appeal by some mosques to no voting in Hai Adan, Hai Sumar, Hai al-Wehda and Domez.

•              Some of polling stations have seen the absence of commission employees that led to confusion then officers arranged the queue  


The turnout rate is different from station to another.

•             There is an electoral propaganda at a distance 10 meters about al-Azhar School (161450) to Islamic Dawa Party – Organization of home and al-Muatin Coalition 

•             Cutting way of Mussayab and Jurf al-Sakhar

•             The officers did not abide by queue in Babil Station and al-Tahrir station (259550)


•             The presence of propaganda near al-Mutamyzat Secondary School of Law State and al-Muatin Coalition in Zainab al-Kubra station (274750)


•             The voting has delayed for one hour in Darseem School in Shahrazor because of stopping electronic device.

•             The presence of Asayish Director and police chief in Zankan School in Darbandi Khan and there is an electoral propaganda

•             Police officers and security carry the identity of NGOs in one of Jamjamal stations 

•             Propaganda for one of lists


•             Turnout on the electoral stations and there is a confusion in most of them.

•             The electronic device of voting has stopped two times in most of stations as Hakari School 

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

April 28. 12:00 pm

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