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Reporting of Special Voting Observation for Iraqi Parliament Elections-the Report of Second Voting on April 28, 2014

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development continues in its observation for the private voting, and below is some notes during observation of electoral centers in all governorates of Iraq:


•             Al-Amal school (106550), the entering of turbaned clerks to be with the voters

•             Bomb in al-Makrab Street near of al-Mutamaizat Secondary School

•             It was adding stations to al-Zawra’a Station (1813) by brigade 11 because their names are not exist in the voters’ record in spite of they have the electronic card

•             Card reader was stopped in al-Furat Intermediate School number 5


•             Crowding in al-Mutamyzat Secondary School (100250) with the presence propaganda at a distance less than 100 meters of the station for Baker Jabar al-Zubaidi

•             Improvised explosive device near a station in al-Mansoor led to martyrdom three of the security forces and wounded two of them

•             Electronic card reader has stopped in al-Etifiya Station (202)

•             In Al-Semood Station, the paper exporter exports more than one paper in the same time which led to inform the coordinate of station and solve problem

•             The police colonel promoted to elect a Law State list in Musa Bin Naseer Station (151 005)  


•             Explosion near the polling station in Habanyia

•             Curfews from Karabila region to Qa’am

•             Put posters on the houses of citizens in Heit city and cities in Anbar province threatened the voters and promised to punish them if they participated in the election 


•             Posters on the wall of Mousa Ibn Naseer Station (179150) for al-Ahrar Bloc

•             One of candidates of Islamic al-Dawa Party distributes 50 Iraq dinar and mobile cards to the voters


•             Manager of station entered with the voters in Ali al-Wardi (265050) no.3


•             Advertising for Law State list, al-Eslah and al-Muatin near al-Shimua’a Station

Salah al-Din

•             Opening fire in the different areas from the province to prevent citizens to go to the election station

•             Explosion in Toz region which led to martyrdom 4 citizens


•             Do not allow the voters of the emigrates to vote in the case of not update the voter’s card except the displaced people from Anbar

•             Defiance between gunmen and army forces near al-Wasti Station 

•             The letter (M) is not being in the card for that some of emigrates do not voting in spite of the existing of official letter except them of this procedure 

•             Martyrdom and wounded 15 citizens in bombing targeted one of the electoral stations. 

•             Martyrdom and wound 10 of policemen in an improvised explosive device

•             Explosion in Kirkuk led to martyrdom seven of people and injured 5others

•             Intensive Open firing near an electoral station (al-Wathba  School)

•             Open firing in different areas because of the military ceremony attended by President of the Republic to vote


•             Improvised Explosive device near an electoral station and injured reporters of Sama al-Mousl Channel and Fayha Channel

•             Explosions in station of Mosul and injured three of police and army

•             Improvised explosive device lead to injuring 6 of people

•             Explosion lead to martyrdom employee and injured three of soldiers

•             There is voters from Senjar and Talafar have been voted in another station in Rashdiya onto their electoral cards in station (1316)

•             The electronic device has stopped in Kalak Station and voting without electronic device by signature in the voters’ registry only

•             Attacking with hand grenades on queue led to injured 6 person and two of them are from officers


•             The electronic device has stopped in al-Azdhar station (161450) number (2) and it was informed the staff to exceed this step and just signature in the record

•             Attempting a group of soldiers to vote in Musayyib – Jurf Sakhar whereas their names in the city center; the station has sent a letter to the Commission to solve this problem.

•             The electronic device has stopped in al-Ezdhar station (161450) number (2), and it was informed the staff to passing this step. 


•             Mass of Jwad al-Bolani candidate and Law State roaming in streets and say that their list will win in the special voting.

•             The electronic device has stopped in Khadeja al-Kubra station in Afak 


•             The electronic device has stopped in Bereen School in Bakrjo region


•             Attorneys of some entities in Hai al-Hussein School wear bands of the electoral propaganda of Law State


•             Delay of voting because of electronic device

•             The electronic device has stopped in the electoral station in al-Zubair district

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

April.28 from 12:00 until 4:00 pm

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