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Revolution is Female: Political Obstruction and its impact on Society

In Najaf governorate, a dialogue session on political Obstruction and its impact on society, was held on 22 September 2022, within the project of Female is revolution.

It  was attended by a number of activists of both sexes in Najaf governorate, and the aim was to get familiar with the views of the attendees and to discuss the current political crisis.

 Mr.  Hisham Al-Nafakh, a researcher in political affairs, was also hosted to clarify the concept of political obstruction and its impact on society and public life if the situation continues as it is. It also dealt with the fluctuations and changes in the Iraqi political scene after the October 2021 elections.

After that, a number of points, that should contribute to solve this crisis, the most important of which is to dissolve the parliament and to go with early and safe elections that ensure the free participation for all.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Development

22 September 2022

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